Casey schools may hire safety officer

November 12, 2003|BRENDA S. EDWARDS

LIBERTY - Casey County Board of Education will consider a $10,000 expenditure to hire a safety officer to assist in surveillance of students at the middle and high schools in order to deter drug violations on the school campus.

A special meeting will be held later this month to address the suggestion and also an alternative school for students with discipline problems.

During a meeting Monday, the board discussed hiring the safety officer and two instructional assistants for an alternative school to deal with students involved in drugs.

High school principal Tim Goodlett would like to have the officer and the assistants but said his first priority is to have an alternative placement school.


The safety officer would help patrol the schools daily and work at ball games. An alternative placement school would help improve test scores and keep students in school.

"We need to help the high school as much as possible with the drug problems," said Mike Davis, board member. An officer will help do that, he said.

The alternative placement school would help teachers work with students that have been suspended and would benefit the students. It would be a worthwhile effort, Davis said.

Superintendent Linda Hatter said the cost of the instructional assistants will be $5,400 each for the remainder of the year. A portion of the money would come from school district funds and the remainder from money collected in student fees from selected parking.

Goodlett said he will donate the fee money so the school can have a safety officer, too.

Dinah Burton, board member, said she needs additional information on the program.

"We want the students to get an education," she said.

Goodlett said students will only be in the alternative school on a temporary basis for discipline actions.

"This is different than the alternative program for potential dropouts," he said.

The principal said more than 200 students have been suspended this year.

Davis said he supports both suggestions. "We can try for one semester to test the waters and see how it goes."

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