Harrodsburg goes 'moist' again

November 13, 2003|HERB BROCK

Harrodsburg has gone "moist" for the second time in less than two weeks.

A recanvass of voting in the Nov. 4 general election was held this morning at the Mercer County clerk's office and it yielded the same results on the proposition of whether to allow the city's larger restaurants to serve alcoholic beverages. The number voting "yes" remained at 1,308, and the number voting "no" remained at 1,291.

Asked if the committee against the proposition would seek a recount - a more thorough vote-checking process for which the committee would pay - committee chair Michael Conover said this morning, "No, we're satisfied with the results. With the modern voting machines of today, there's not much margin for error. But we did want to see if there if there was that slight possibility that an error occurred."

However, Conover did not rule out the possibility that the committee would petition for another election. Under state local option law, the committee could seek another vote in three years.


"We haven't made a decision on whether to put the issue on the ballot in three years," he said. "But we will be watching. We will be seeing if taverns try to sneak into the city or if, God forbid, some kind of tragedy related to alcohol sold at these establishments occurs.

"It's said that uneasy is the head that wears the crown, and the slim margin of votes should make wearing this crown very uneasy. It won't take much for sentiment in this community to swing back the other way where it has been for so many years till this year."

A recanvass was held this morning statewide in the auditor's race between Democrat Crit Luallen, who won based on unofficial results Nov. 4, and Republican Linda Greenwell. Results of the recanvass in the five area counties produced the same results except for a one-vote difference in Garrard County:

Boyle: Luallen, 4,395; Greenwell, 3,327.

Casey: Greenwell, 2,546, Luallen, 1,002.

Garrard: Greenwell, 2,525; Luallen 1,523 (she gained one vote in the recanvass).

Lincoln: Luallen, 2,490; Greenwell, 2,454.

Mercer: Luallen, 3,501; Greenwell, 3,155.

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