Garrard County will air solid waste changes Monday

November 13, 2003|GARY MOYERS

LANCASTER - Garrard County Fiscal Court tabled second reading of a solid waste management ordinance Wednesday when magistrates complained that they hadn't been given revised copies of the proposed law.

Judge-Executive E.J. Hasty said magistrates should have been given new copies to look at before the meeting, reflecting changes requested last month.

Bill Hack, Garrard County solid waste coordinator, said the new ordinance is needed to bring county regulations in line with those recommended by the state. The ordinance will reflect some price changes and will make the convenience center less of a financial burden on the county.

"What this will do is stop the losses and get a fairer deal for the county," said Hack, who cited examples of contractors who dump construction waste for the same price that individuals drop off smaller bags of trash.


"We're selling the metal items for a better price now, so we can drop the cost to users when they drop off appliances and items like that."

Hack fielded questions from the audience addressing concerns that a provision in the new ordinance would lump auto repair shops into the category of junkyards, requiring a fence. He said the ordinance only addresses junkyards, not repair businesses.

Hack also requested the county give permission for the convenience center to purchase a backhoe to compact trash in dumpsters. The convenience center pays a flat fee per dumpster when it is hauled away, and Hack said compaction of the dumpsters would allow more trash to be stored in fewer dumpsters.

"We can cut the number of dumpsters we fill from six or seven a week to three or four," he said. "If we save even one dumpster a week, the backhoe pays for itself. This won't cost the county anything. It will come from waste disposal money."

Hack was questioned about the possibility of purchasing a used backhoe, and he said his investigation of both new and used equipment makes him believe the better deal would be a new purchase due to warranties.

Hack will meet with magistrates at 6:30 p.m. Monday at the courthouse to discuss the ordinance.

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