Burgin delays tower work

November 13, 2003|ANN R. HARNEY

BURGIN - Burgin's water tower will be cleaned and painted next year.

Work had been scheduled to begin Dec. 1, but after a preconstruction meeting Wednesday, it apparently will be delayed until spring.

The project will be paid for by a $98,600 state grant, $21,000 of which comes from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Members of the City Council, engineers, the city's attorney and clerk, a representative of the state Division of Water, representatives of the company chosen to do the job and county officials met to discuss the project Wednesday.

Jeff Hildebrandt of Currens Co. of Harrodsburg and Steve Arnold of Strand Engineers talked about the time needed for any coatings put on the tower to cure.


"We're proposing to you that we put it off until spring, the best time being the first of April," said Hildebrandt.

Asked if that plan would mean more consulting fees, Arnold say it probably would be less costly.

Arnold said there will be fewer inspections and visits from Strand personnel if it is done in the spring. Beginning the project in the winter would mean the tower would be unusable for six weeks as opposed to three weeks in the spring and summer.

George Hensley, who oversees Burgin's water system, said he is most concerned about the safety of the city's drinking water and the availability of water to fight fires. He said if the tower is not usable, he can't chlorinate the water.

Burgin Fire Chief Donald Bruce Brown said his department would not suffer from the tower being out of commission because it has other sources of water.

In the end, Hildebrandt was instructed to send a change-order letter to Strand and, in all likelihood, the work will be delayed until spring.

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