Net Xpress: Do you direct a band? There's a Web site for you now

November 16, 2003|SHEILA J. CLARK

There is a new and exciting Web site built especially for band directors at This site features a unique database that is dependent on band director participation. The site's CD library contains more than 7,000 titles of band recordings.

The site also features an easy way to locate instruments, uniforms, sheet music, tours/travel and band-related articles. It also has job listings, chat and discussion boards.

The staff welcomes contributing authors, ideas and suggestions to improve the site. Anyone interested in submitting an article, or any suggestions to make the very best band director resource site on the Internet, should call Dave Knox at (586) 992-2251, or e-mail him at for more information.

Local ISP roundup

Searnet now is offering nationwide dialup service with access numbers available for most of the United States and Canada. Also, Internet users now can sign up for Searnet Internet service and set up their computer online. Current users can log on and find local access numbers to use when traveling. Visit the Web site at for more information.


Hometown news

Looking for a new computer system? Our local Big Lots - yes, you read right - is offering a Compaq computer system for only $449. Sorry, I don't have the model or the specific specs because, unfortunately, they didn't have any flyers available about the system when I last visited. However, I do remember glancing at the specs and thinking to myself that it was a decent offering.

Net buzzz

* Tuesday, Microsoft released a patch to fix four new security holes. Three of the four were considered critical, so be sure you get your Windows systems patched. Read more at

* The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is rethinking its decision on the patent it awarded to Eolas Technologies Inc. The patent involves the technology found in Web browsers used to display multimedia content. If the patent stands, there possibly could be a major disruption in the Web because everyone with multimedia content would have to rework their Web pages. Read more at

Quick tip for disappearing taskbar

The taskbar is the bar located at the bottom of your screen. It begins with Start button and ends with the clock. Sometimes it accidently gets relocated to the sides or top, or is not visible on the screen. To find and relocate it, try this using the following keystroke combinations: Ctrl + Esc, Alt +space, S, and use arrow keys to enlarge taskbar, enter.

Live MSN chat events

Nov. 19: Actress Dana Delany chats at 7 p.m. Go to Singer Cyndi Lauper chats at 8 p.m. Go to

Nov. 20: Music group Blink 182 chats at 7 p.m. Go to Country music singer Reba McEntire chats at 8 p.m. Go to

Nov. 21: Rock group Puddle of Mudd chats at 5 p.m. Go to

Sites to see

* Curious about when a particular plane will arrive or depart? Check out FlyteComm at The site will let you track the status of any flight arriving or departing the United States or Canada.

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