Around Town: Racing to find the right words

November 16, 2003|ANNABEL GIRARD

Bill Samuels of Maker's Mark will be appearing at the Winner's Circle at Pizza Hut on Hustonville Road.

Last week, I used a racing term, but the wrong one, to identify where Samuels will do his stint as bartender.

Video was taped in Perryville, too

A reader e-mailed to object to my leaving out the fact that portions of Montgomery Gentry's "My Town" were taped in Perryville as well as Danville and Lexington.

"We are equally proud that many of the scenes were filmed at Perryville Elementary, Perryville's Merchants Row and in many places in Lexington."


Eddie Montgomery lives in the Perryville area.

Film about Pioneer Playhouse has captured hearts

The PBS film about Pioneer Playhouse's 50-year history has captured the hearts of a wide range of people.

Eben Henson, father of the playhouse, is sharing two of those.

One came from Gregory Lawrence Stewart, who spent two summers acting at the playhouse.

"Just seeing the place (in the film) gave me such joy," he wrote. "Any show or film about the place cannot capture the wonderful experiences people seem to have while they are there."

The second letter came from a man who has been in prison in Ohio for 20 years.

He is a former dancer and had played summerstock.

"For me it was a trip back in time ... In here somehow, I try to put my pasted (sic) out of my head. Guess it is to (sic) painful. Yet at the same time all that brought joy to my soul."

Exhibit of fossils is worth a trip

The exhibit of fossils and minerals now on display at Centre College is worth the trip. A reader called to say, "I went and I was amazed. You just don't want to miss it."

The exhibits are from collections owned by father-son duos. The fossil collection belongs to Jack and John Hankla and minerals are the collection of Kirtley and Danny Settles.

The Hankla collection is considered one of the country's premier private collections of fossils, including such items as an entire nest of dinosaur eggs. The Settles have an extensive mineral collection that includes a 36-inch chunk of Brazilian amethyst.

The natural history museum is located in the basement of Young Hall, and will be open to visitors by appointment at no cost. Interested persons may call (859) 238-5320 to make arrangements to see the exhibit.

Random Act of Kindness

"I want to thank the farmers for getting off the road when they can. It certainly is appreciated by the other drivers," a reader called in to say.

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