Boyle, Danville swim teams open season

November 16, 2003

RICHMOND - Boyle County earned three top-10 finishes and Danville had two as the two teams opened the season Saturday in the EKU Relays.

The Danville and Boyle girls tied for 14th place among 38 teams in the all-relay meet at Eastern Kentucky University. The Boyle boys were 15th; Danville's boys were 16th.

The best finish for either area team came from Danville's boys 400-yard individual medley relay team of Patton Williams, Eric Smiley, Kyle Snapp and Jacob Reynolds, which was fifth.

A Danville girls team was 10th in the 200 medley relay.

"It was a great way to start our season," Danville coach Becky Bandura said.

Boyle boys teams placed seventh in the 400 freestyle relay and eighth in the 100 freestyle relay, and a quartet of Boyle girls was ninth in the 400 freestyle relay.


"This was a good start for us," Boyle coach Crystal Estes said.


200 medley relay - 13. Danville (Eric Smiley, Jacob Reynolds, Anderson Salinas, Patton Williams) 2:05.15; 21. Boyle County (Griffin, Anderson, Chris Snider, Gardner) 2:11.44.

200 freestyle relay - 17. Danville (Patrick Yankey, Jamie Mohan, Smiley, Salinas) 1:56.97; 18. Boyle County (McGrath, Tuggle, Gardner, Clark) 1:57.26.

200 backstroke relay - 11. Boyle County (Tuggle, Anderson, Griffin, Snider) 2:15.54.

400 individual medley relay - 5. Danville (Williams, Smiley, Kyle Snapp, Reynolds) 4:46.88.

100 freestyle relay - 8. Boyle County (McGrath, Griffin, Clark, Snider) 49.65; 22. Danville (Snapp, Salinas, Mohan, Yankey) 56.12.

400 freestyle relay - 7. Boyle County (Tuggle, Gardner, Anderson, Clark) 4:21.44.


200 medley relay - 10. Danville (Elizabeth Reynolds, Madison Arnett, Kasey Toy, Mary Wheeler) 2:09.75; 15. Boyle County (Mackenzie Monterio, Bruna Lozano, Hogue, Emily Ahnquist) 2:13.42.

200 freestyle relay - 16. Danville (Angela Scott, Maggie Pence, Jamie Sommers, Jen Hawn) 2:05.91; 19. Boyle County (Brooke Terrell, Kayci Townsend, Gumm, Brittany Terrell) 2:12.76; 36. Boyle County "B" (Hibbs, Rice, Kayla Townsend, Wells) 2:20.87.

200 backstroke relay - 12. Boyle County (Ahnquist, Chambers, Gumm, Monterio) 2:27.14; 15. Danville (Laura Becker, Scott, Sara Baird, Hawn) 2:38.55.

400 individual medley relay - 16. Boyle County (Rice, Hogue, Bri. Terrell, Monterio) 5:48.78.

100 freestyle relay - 14. Boyle County (Bro. Terrell, Rice, Wells, Logue) 58.32; 17. Danville (Scott, Sommers, Becker, Baird) 59.52; 41. Boyle County "B" (Hibbs, Kayc. Townsend, Kayl. Townsend, Chambers) 1:06.85.

200 butterfly relay - 12. Danville (Reynolds, Arnett, Wheeler, Toy) 2:13.38; 13. Boyle County (Hogue, Logue, Bro. Terrell. Monterio) 2:16.79.

200 breaststroke relay - 12. Danville (Baird, Arnett, Hawn, Pence) 2:46.47.

400 freestyle relay - 9. Boyle County (Logue, Gumm, Wells, Ahnquist) 4:37.67.

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