Musicians making melodies for Mud Meeting House

November 17, 2003|JENNIFER BRUMMETT

HARRODSBURG - Frieda Gebert is a real go-getter. What she saw as a need for a historical structure in Mercer County has evolved into a concert 2 p.m. today by a group she put together called Kentucky Harmony.

The beginnings of the concert stem from Gebert's drive to work.

"For the last two years, as I drive from Mercer to Boyle County, I take the scenic drive along the Salt River, Dry Branch Road," says Gebert. "On that road is the Old Mud Meeting House. ... It's lovely and peaceful, especially the cemetery out back.

"But the Harrodsburg Historical Society, who owns it, have been trying to do major restoration work for almost the entire two years. When I called to ask them when it would be finished, they said they were putting away the tools until next spring because they just didn't have the money to go on."

That got the wheels turning in Gebert's head.


"So I came up with the idea of doing a benefit concert of music that might have been heard in the church when it was first built," she explains. "Spirituals, shaped-note hymns, and old-timey music like you heard in 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?' I got together a bunch of my friends and fellow musicians, and formed a group called Kentucky Harmony, after the 1843 hymnal of the same name."

The concert will be at Pioneer Baptist Church on Sparrow Lane, close to the meeting house, Gebert notes.

"We chose that venue because that congregation used to worship at the meeting house years ago before their own church was built, and because the historical society will offer hot cider and free tours of the meeting house after the concert," she says.

Admission is free, Gebert adds.

"But donations for the restoration project will be accepted happily."

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