City projects should be carefully considered

November 19, 2003

Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter to simply inform the citizens of Danville what lies ahead of the City Commission in the next few years. The responsibility for the welfare of our community and the citizens of this town are many. As a result of the various items already facing the city of Danville, it is extremely crucial that any additional major projects be carefully considered. Below are just a few of the projects that we as a city are committed to at this time with "estimated costs" of the proposed items. These projects are an absolute must for the vibrant economy of the city.

* Water plant - projected cost $6 million to $8 million

* Sanitary sewer system:

East Danville - $605,500 (under contract)

Ball's Branch/Gose Pike - $3,030,000 ($400,000 grant)

Burgin Road - $450,000 (current budget)

Woods Drive - $337,333 (under contract)

* Public works - state mandatory (10-20 years):


Storm Water Master Plan - $187,415 (under contract)

Annual Storm Water Master Plan - potentially $600,000-$800,000 a year

* Facilities:

Fire station - $480,000 (current budget)

Other city facility renovations/construction - $1.2 million

Community Arts Center - $400,000 (current budget)

During this year, approximately $700,000 was not approved for different projects and programs presented to the city. With our current revenues stagnant and our unemployment rate at approximately 11 percent, it is critical that we manage the city revenues properly now and in the future. All this projected on our current revenue stream. Again, this letter is simply an informational letter to inform the citizens of Danville what lies ahead of us.

John W.D. Bowling

Mayor of Danville

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