Community urged to support education

November 19, 2003

Dear Editor:

As Herb Brock notes in Monday's column, educators are compelled to comply with and examine all assessment tools in the process of trying to identify strategies to improve learning. In fact, much of what we do is in response to data.

Reports released this week from the federal initiative No Child Left Behind understandably lead educators to closely scrutinize and question this system of accountability that will carry heavy consequences for schools. Educators want to do what is best for children, and we want accountability that makes sense and can be easily conveyed to the public. We criticize out of fundamental concerns for student learning and support for teachers, who want to do their best. The federal accountability system remains a work in need of revision.

In the face of increasing mandates for schools, however, most people acknowledge this truth about educators, that their focus is on kids. Countless times we hear, "I admire what you do" and "I don't think I could be a teacher."


These statements reflect recognition of the gravity of the challenge and appreciation of those who continue day after day to focus on children.

During this 83rd observation of American Education Week, I call on all members of this community to focus with us beyond one's own family. Let's celebrate "Great Public Schools for Every Child - America's Promise" by focusing on the promise we make to do all we, as educators, school support staff and volunteers, parents, members of the business community and government servants, can do for every child.

We are, after all, in this together, to build a stronger nation that values every child.

Pam Rogers, superintendent

Boyle County Schools

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