Child stalker sought by Danville police

November 21, 2003|GARY MOYERS

Danville police are looking for suspects in incidents over the past two weeks in which children were confronted by an adult male who attempted to persuade them to go with him, and in one case, exposed himself to a young girl.

Chief Jeff Peek said the incidents may or may not be related.

"But there's enough of a coincidence we feel the community should be aware," he said. "Parents in the community need to be alerted to these incidents and be on the lookout to avoid them, if possible."

The incidents, according to Captain James Monroe, began Nov. 14 when a male student at Toliver Elementary School on Maple Avenue was accosted as he walked home from school. Monroe said the boy ran back to the school and reported a white male with dark hair came out of the bushes and attempted to coax the boy to leave with him.


Monday, Monroe said, the boy persuaded his mother to again allow him to walk home from school, but she followed in her vehicle to watch. Again, a man of the same description appeared from the bushes and approached the boy, but the mother scared him off. Monroe said after putting her son in the car, she followed the adult down the street, but he ran between houses and disappeared.

Police interviewed residents in the area, and Monroe said they remembered a man matching that general description in the neighborhood a few weeks ago who asked where the local schools are and where the children play. Some of the people interviewed connected the man with a small, light-colored, possibly two-toned, yellow pickup.

That same day, police responded to an incident on High Street in which a man, driving a light-colored pickup, allegedly attempted to lure a child into his truck. The description of the man was the same.

Another incident occurred Tuesday at Wal-Mart when a mother saw a white male expose himself to her three-year-old daughter inside the store. Monroe said Wal-Mart employees followed the man out of the store and saw him leave in the aforementioned pickup, but were unable to get a license number.

"From that incident we got a little better description," said Monroe. "We are looking for a white male with dark hair and a receding hairline, possibly in his 30s. The description of his vehicle is a light-colored, older model pickup, small, maybe a Toyota. The color of the truck is possibly two-toned, maybe some shade of tan or yellow, and it has a lighter-colored topper on the back."

Peek asked that anyone with any information about the incidents call the Danville Police Department at (859) 238-1220.

"We want anyone who thinks he or she might have seen something that would help us to please call us," said Peek. "Again, we don't know that the incidents are related, but we don't want to take the chance. We want parents to be aware of the situation and take precautions. Talk to your children."

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