Muse indicted on federal charges

November 23, 2003|EMILY BURTON

STANFORD - Robert I. Muse, the man allegedly shot in the face by a former girlfriend Nov. 12, was indicted in a Lexington federal court on multiple drug and weapon charges this month, five days before being shot and years after multiple domestic violence charges were repeatedly brought against him, court reports show.

Muse was arrested on the federal charges Nov. 16 by state police trooper Clyde Bertram.

"We located him in a residence on Angel Ridge," said Bertram. When asked if Muse cooperated, Bertram said he did not attempt to evade police and was not armed at the time of the arrest.

The indictment charges Muse with three counts of cocaine distribution, two counts of possession of cocaine and marijuana with intent to sell, three counts of possession of a controlled substance, possession of a firearm while drug trafficking and three counts criminal forfeiture.

According to the indictment, Muse was carrying a loaded .40 caliber Glock, a semi-automatic pistol, "during and in relation to the drug trafficking crimes."


In addition to the Glock, Muse also possessed several other guns, in violation of a domestic violence order against him in January, 2001. Weapons listed in the indictment included a .22 caliber Marlin Lever Action rifle, a .410 gauge New England shotgun, a .22 caliber Springfield Savage Arms rifle, a .22 caliber bolt action rifle and a .22 Caliber Marlin bolt action rifle. The firearms were seized by police.

The 2001 domestic violence order was one in a list of several in court records on Muse.

In September 1996, two women of the Muse family, including his wife at the time, Karin Muse, told police Robert Muse had called them and threatened them.

In her report Karin Muse said Robert "told me that he would kill me, and told me he would be back to get me."

He was arrested Sept. 10 that year on two counts of terroristic threatening by Lincoln County Sheriff's deputies. The charges were dismissed with a provision that he have no further contact with the two women.

Karin Muse complained of death threats and violence from him at least twice more in 1996. One case was dismissed and the other finalized with an order that he stay 1,000 feet away from Karin Muse.

Karin and Robert Muse were divorced in November, two months after the domestic violence complaints.

In July 1998, Lori Ann Phelps, the woman arrested this month and charged with shooting Muse in the face, called police with a domestic violence complaint against Muse. According to police reports, Phelps had a black right eye and a knot on the back of her head. Muse told police Phelps had been partying the night before and probably gotten them that night.

He was arrested after the complaint but the charges were dismissed in court.

This month's indictments could cost Muse his residence at 640 Shake Rag Road. The three counts of criminal forfeiture listed in the indictment include 0.4 acres of land with the house, in addition to the multiple guns, rounds of ammunition and $300.

No arraignment date in federal court for the felony charges has been scheduled.

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