Danville's financial condition is strong

November 23, 2003

Dear Editor:

Downtown is at a crossroads. As someone who is pro growth and pro development, I would like to delve deeper into the figures given in the mayor's letter last week.

The city has several separate funds that are self-sufficient. Not every city expenditure comes from the general operating account. For example, water and sewer improvements are paid for out of the "water account." Upgrading and maintenance of water and sewer is paid for by your water bills. The city water and sewer fund is and remains a very profitable account that is self-sustaining.

Funds for the fire station have been set aside in the budget for three years. This appropriation has not stopped the commission from spending resources for events and improvements that they deemed important or necessary.


The city is currently reviewing their facilities and creating a master plan. This activity could cost $1.25 million or it could cost less. It is impossible to attach a dollar figure to something that still remains an unknown, until the report is submitted from the consultant.

With the known mandated updates for stormwater, how can the city afford not to build a parking structure? With an anticipated surplus from year four onward, this revenue source could be used to offset the necessary debt to bring our storrmwater system into compliance.

The $400,000 for the Community Arts Center was taken from the surplus not the general fund.

The city has over $80 million in bonding capacity. The only known debt on bonds is only a small fraction of that amount. Our financial picture is good.

Do you want our Main Street to look like some of the downtowns in other neglected communities? Can we really afford to let growth and expansion of the downtown pass us by? I advocate the city issuing bonds for the parking structure.

Alex Stevens


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