Cincinnati native brings guitar sounds to Danville

November 24, 2003|JENNIFER BRUMMETT

Ryan Adcock says he's just a guy with an acoustic guitar. But it's still rock and roll music he plays, he adds.

"Stylistically, my music is not different from a lot of solo, acoustic, 24-year-old guys," Adcock says. "Lyrically, it's a little bit set apart. I have some unique thoughts rolling around in my head and spilling out through the microphone."

Adcock brings his thoughts and sounds to the Centre College campus Dec. 2.

He says he got into playing the guitar when he was 8, but isn't sure what spurred him to pick up the instrument.

"My parents both are macrobiologists," he explains with a laugh. "They are not artists at all.

"I was drawn to the guitar at a very early age. It was a hobby for a long, long time."

In college, he studied English. When he graduated, he wasn't sure what he was going to do.


"So I started doing music. It's been great ever since."

Adcock says he like music because "primarily it's sort of a very simple form of communication with other human beings - with a target audience."

"With an acoustic guitar, I talk to whoever is in the audience," he explains. "I tell them things I'd normally be uncomfortable telling - personal and intimate and such. Then, after the show, you get to hear the conversations and such. I really enjoy that communication."

He also likes knowing people listen to his words - his CDs - when he's not there. And he enjoys the travel aspect of being a musician.

"It's just sort of a perk of the job, wandering around the country fairly endlessly."

The travel also is a challenging aspect to work.

"While I do enjoy it a whole lot, I am married and it's very hard being away from my wife for long periods of time," he explains. "I've been three weeks on the road - I just got back and I'm back out tomorrow.

"Probably the toughest part, though, is actually doing the music. I'm kinda inherently a shy person and I had to over come that. I've fairly well overcome it. Getting up on-stage and talking to people is never easy for me, because I'm being a bit more social than I actually am."

Adcock says he's "always touring, always on road." Tuesday, though, he'll take some time out to begin work on his new CD.

"It won't be out probably for nine months or a year, but I'll get started on the early stages ... Tuesday. I've moved out of the writing phase, and I'll be recording and hashing songs out and putting them together."

Audiences are in for more than music at his Dec. 2 concert, Adcock adds.

"What really makes it different and really unique is I tell a whole lot of stories," he says. "It's sorta like half storytelling, half musical concert. I chat a lot in between songs, and people tend to enjoy that."

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