Around Town: Post-election party loyalties run deep

November 24, 2003|ANNABEL GIRARD

The aftermath of the November governor's race has at least one local Democrat fuming and shows how quickly political parties can move to solidify support.

Imagine being a life-long, loyal Democrat who votes the straight party ticket with few exceptions. This year's governor's race was not one of those exceptions. She opened her mail one day to find a picture of President George W. Bush. The stationery-sized picture that came to my friend carries a computer-generated message that mentions her by name.

As if that weren't enough, there is a response form, asking for money, of course, that allows you to say you will display the picture proudly and send money "to help promote the President's compassionate conservative agenda."

To add more salt to the wound, there is the message, "As a fellow citizen who believes in President Bush and his agenda ..."


She mused that perhaps the role of the Republican National Committee was to send Democrats into such fits of apoplexy they would be unable to vote come the next election.

Needless to say, the RNC will receive a response, but it won't include money or a mark by the message that the photo was damaged - "Please send a replacement as soon as possible."

Random Act of Kindness

A nurse who works on Main Street said her faith in humankind is restored nearly every morning as she drives to work.

Her route requires her to turn across a lane of traffic to get to her parking area. She is always pleasantly surprised that drivers will take the time to stop and let her turn in front of them. Sometimes, she will have a driver pegged as one who would never stop - and they do, bringing a smile to her face to start the day.

Pet Peeve

Pet Peeve: A reader called to say he was upset at the way the back part of Bellevue Cemetery looks. He said the city appears to be dumping garbage there. A call to city hall found that the city is dumping there, but it is fill to level out that back section.

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