BCHS service club gives teachers Thanksgiving treat

November 28, 2003|GARY MOYERS

The teachers' lounge at Boyle County High School was a popular gathering place during the lunch break Tuesday.

"When we get free food in here, we're like vultures," said teacher Tracie Bottoms.

The free food was courtesy of the members of the ASTRA Club, a community service organization in which students participate in projects such as stuffing Christmas stockings, collecting canned foods and making Easter baskets.

For Thanksgiving, the students decided they wanted to show their appreciation for their teachers by bringing food.

"We're doing it for Thanksgiving, to show our teachers how thankful we are for them," said junior club member Alia Samhat.

"They work hard for us all year round, and this is a small way we can show them how much we appreciate them."


Club sponsor Bottoms, who teaches journalism and English at the school, said the club began as an offshoot of the Altruistic Club and boasts 32 members.

"We try to do a project every month," said Bottoms. "Our members are very community conscious - we have very good participation with our projects."

The club also does projects for the Humane Society and a canned food drive for the needy, as well as stuffing stockings for needy children in the three Boyle County elementary schools and making Easter baskets for children.

"Last month (October) was Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we had a big project for that one," said Bottoms. "Christmas is a big project as well, with the stockings and the Angel Tree, and the students were looking for a project to tie into Thanksgiving. They chose the teachers, and it's gone over very well."

The food table was filled with snacks, with a heavy emphasis on cakes, pies, candy and cookies.

"We have a lot of desserts," said junior club member Lauren Maryon. "That's what most of the club members wanted to make, apparently."

Bottoms said the club has an agenda of agencies it helps, but special requests are considered as well.

"We do get requests from staff members occasionally to do projects," she said. "Last year, by request, we helped ring the bell for the Salvation Army, and our students really seemed to enjoy that one."

Rebecca Keiser, a junior member of the club, said the project this week was different because it involved the teachers.

"They show us how much they care all the time, so it's nice to do something for them for a change," she said.

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