Net Xpress: Companies offer free help with trojans, worms, computer viruses

November 30, 2003|SHEILA J. CLARK

Every week it seems like the Internet gets cluttered with some new trojan, worm or computer virus. It seems to be an endless cycle that most of us would be more than happy to live without. Luckily, there are companies now feeling compelled to help consumers protect themselves by offering free help.

Computer Associates (, a leading software company, in association with Microsoft, is offering consumers the chance to download free antivirus and firewall software. The software is an 18MB file download called eTrust EZ Armor and it has a $49.95 value. The offer includes a free, year-long software subscription and there is a limit of one per household.

The free software offer expires June 30. Anyone using a broadband connection to the Internet, such as a cable or DSL, should definitely consider investing in antivirus and firewall protection.

People with broadband have an "always on" connection and are more vulnerable to attacks by hackers. System requirements to run the software include a Pentium compatible processor, Windows 98/ME/NT operating systems with at least 64MB RAM or Windows 2000/XP systems with at least 128MB RAM.


Note: This software is not recommended for installation on systems running Windows 95.

For more details or to get a free copy of eTrust EZ Armor, point your browser to or

Virus alert

One of the latest computer viruses is posing as a message from PayPal, a leading online payment service. The virus is a variant of the Mimail virus that comes as an attachment. When opened, it requests credit card information, which it sends to the author. Please remember to keep in mind that major companies would never request sensitive information via e-mail.

Read more at and

Net buzzz

* CNET Networks has acquired the assets of, a popular music service. At noon Pacific Time Tuesday, the Web site as you currently know it will no longer be accessible. All of the current artists and their Web pages and music will be lost.

CNET does, however, plan to eventually relaunch the MP3 site in a new form in the near future. To sign up for information about the new MP3 music service, go to Learn more about the change at

* is the new online personals service scheduled to launch in the near future via AOL's AIM service. Those interested should visit the Web site at to sign up for the latest information on the service.

Note: You must be at least 18 years old to participate. Please remember always to be careful when considering online dating because online personas can be the complete opposite of who they actually are in person.

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* Random surfers should visit Jeeves IQ (Interesting Queries) at, a new addition to the Ask Jeeves search site. The site features the top searches from Ask Jeeves.

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