Oppose parole for murderer of Teresa Larson

December 01, 2003

Dear Editor:

Hank Meridith, serving time for the murder of Teresa Larson, has served 15 years. He is now up for parole. The gory details of this crime make it our business to see that he remains in jail as long as possible.

Teresa was due to start teaching at Kentucky School for the Deaf in Danville when she went missing. Much later, her body was found wrapped in an old carpet and thrown aside like a piece of trash.

In my opinion Hank Meridith's sentence was not appropriate to fit his crime.

Anyone who wishes to share their thoughts or comments about Teresa may send them to my email address,

The hearing is Saturday, so there is no time to lose.

I am a friend of Teresa. We miss her laughter and good humor still.

Joy Barlow


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