Old Hallmack plant in Harrodsburg will be demolished

December 02, 2003|ANN R. HARNEY

HARRODSBURG - The Hallmack building is scheduled for demolition beginning at the end of this month. It is expected to take about three months to complete.

The building was closed more than 10 years ago because of chemical contamination both inside the building and in the ground and ground water under and around the building. The chemical was used in the manufacture of bathroom fixtures including towel racks. The building has stood vacant since its closure and testing of the ground water and core samples beneath the concrete floor continued for several years.

The building is now owned by Kidde Fenwal of Great Britain. The announcement of the planned demolition was made Monday by way of a press release from Lori Ann Cardoni, executive director of the Harrodsburg/Mercer County Industrial Development Authority.

Asked for more information, Cardoni said Martin Way of Kidde Fenwal was the person to contact about the building she said is 165,000 square feet in size.


Way said he was not able to discuss the chemical contamination, only the demolition, and he said he knew of no one who could. Asked what company would be doing the demolition, Way said that contract had not been finalized.

All he would say about the building was that it is in bad shape.

Cardoni did not return calls concerning the company that will do the demolition or the situation concerning the contamination at the site.

Authority Chairman Allen White said today he does not have any information concerning the contamination or the people with whom Cardoni has been negotiating concerning the future use of the site.

In the press release, Cardoni writes that the 30-acre site will be ready for sale in spring of 2004, but she does not mention the contamination that has caused the building to be unoccupied for all of these years.

Kerry Holt of the state environmental protection agency said in a telephone conversation near press time this morning that she would look into the issue.

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