'Tired of it all' for different reasons

December 02, 2003

Dear Editor:

I read with with interest your editorial in the Nov. 28 issue of The Advocate-Messenger. I sympathize with the notion that "Middle America" is getting "tired of it all." Permit me to offer a few examples of my own.

I am tired of being told that it's no big deal that the president lied to us about why we had to invade Iraq. Surely a strong case could have been made about Saddam's murderous treatment of his own people, but that was not the stated reason for our going to war. And yes, it matters.

I am tired of hearing that opposition to Bush, his war, and his unelected administration is somehow unpatriotic. This has nothing to do with "supporting our troops." I know, I was a troop myself. Thoughtful and concerned opposition is the essence of patriotism and it is essential.


I am tired of the notion that the only solution to our dependence on foreign oil is to drill and mine without regard for the notion of conservation of resources. America has become a hostage to our own rampant materialism.

I am tired of people who willingly sacrifice our civil liberties for the illusion of security. When that happens, our enemies exult. And they win.

I am tired of Americans being governed by a culture of fear. We are constantly being told that our cozy lifestyle is under attack by everything from germs to fat to terrorists to those who simply disagree with the status quo. Most of this fear is directed toward making piles of cash for one interest group or another. Some of it is directed toward minimizing dissent and maintaining power. Either way, I reject it.

I could offer more examples, but I'll end with this: I am tired of listening to "Middle America" whine. We are collectively responsible for sustaining this inarguably great nation and weariness is no excuse for apathy. Embrace the philosophy that people who may have very serious disagreements with you are nonetheless equal in their regard for America and our future.

Rodger French


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