Cheerleaders paint Title Town

December 03, 2003|LIZ MAPLES

Cheerleaders were turned loose on Main Street Tuesday to paint spirit displays on windows. It was truly a team effort- the Ads and Rebels split each window in half, fair-and-square.

"We hope Danville wins, too," said Ashley Wilson, a junior at Boyle County High School.

Sandra Hoorman, a junior at Danville High School said, "This shows that our town is unified and that we really hope we both win."

This weekend the high schools will travel to Louisville for the state championships. Danville will play the Tigers from Beechwood High School of Fort Mitchell for the Class A title. Boyle County will play the Bluebirds from Highlands High School of Fort Thomas for the Class AAA title.

If both teams win, Danville will be a Title Town for the third time in four years: two teams, two state titles in one town.


The cheerleaders plan to give it their all at the game, but until then they have focused on revving up the community. They met Tuesday afternoon for the spirit project.

The designated meeting spot was the front of the Boyle County courthouse, but the Rebel students' bus driver accidentally dropped them off by the fire station. A pair of Danville students went to meet the team, and bring them back to unite the schools.

"Instead of fighting about who gets what window, we share," said Djuan Frye, a senior at Danville said.

Jessica McQuerry, a junior Rebel, said, "I think it's cool that we get to interact with the Danville people."

Both groups of students said they hoped the painted windows would remind residents about the upcoming games and entice them to cheer on the football teams.

Admiral seniors Joelle Lawson and Holly Belcher remembered when their team won the state title in 2001. Lawson said it was exciting to win and rush the football field after the game, but that nothing compared to coming home to a cheering crowd on Main Street.

"There's nothing like that feeling in the world," she said.

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