It's not unpatriotic to disagree with war

December 03, 2003

Dear Editor:

Bravo to Mr. Rodger French for his comments in Tuesday's Advocate.

Mr. French was correct in pointing out that it isn't unpatriotic to disagree with President Bush and his decision on Iraq. We were all told that the basis for this war was to eliminate Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction. I believe I am correct in that not one weapon of mass destruction has been found.

I proudly stand by all troops who are or have been in Iraq throughout this war, and I will support them regardless of my disagreement over the current administration sending them over there to begin with.

The situation in Iraq will not get any better in the future. The United States faces its greatest enemy, which is not a nation but a people with a cause. Their cause, which is the non-existence of this country, will never come to pass. However, in their foolish eyes, they believe they are right and we are wrong.


I just wonder how many more of President Bush's or Vice President Dick Cheney's friends will receive contracts to restructure Iraq's vast oil reserves.

Thanks, Mr. French, your comments were truthful and this voice from "Middle America" agrees with you.

Ken Griffin


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