Shot from BB gun shatters school bus window

December 04, 2003|EMILY BURTON

CRAB ORCHARD - A Crab Orchard school bus driver is being credited with heroics for driving the young passengers to safety after the bus door was shattered by a shot from a BB gun. No children were injured, but if not for the driver's quick thinking, it could have been worse, said Crab Orchard Elementary School principal Jim Ward.

The bus driver requested to remain anonymous.

A juvenile allegedly shot two cars in the same location on Ky. 39, south of the city limits before shooting the glass out of the front door of the bus while it was taking students home from an afterschool program Nov. 26.

"(The driver) did not stop because (the driver) felt like it would further endanger the children," said Ward. He said the incident was reported, and then the driver gathered the children together and looked for a lighted area before stopping.

As the driver made the 2-mile race to a local food market, glass began to fall out of the window and blow inside the bus. The driver worried the blowing glass might strike a child, told the students to huddle behind seats in the back of the bus.


"(The driver) made sure all the children were fine, and at that point we started to contact the appropriate authorities," said Ward.

State Police Trooper Mark Young investigated the incident but did not charge the shooter.

"It was a kid with a BB gun. I talked to him, talked to his parents, and at this time, I left it up to the school principal, since it was school property he shot at," said Young.

Ward filed a complaint in the case but police are not charging the juvenile. "He was just being stupid. He said he was goofing off, and made a bad decision," said Young. "It was just a kid with a BB gun."

Ward said the shooter was working with the school to make amends and restitution.

"The young man who did this is most remorseful. We are definitely working with a court-designated worker to help reform this child," said Ward. "I'm just so thankful that nobody got hurt and I am so thankful I had a professional on the bus."

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