Danville's Rowland in running for state Teacher of the Year

December 04, 2003|HERB BROCK

Patti Rowland, technology resource and curriculum teacher at Danville's Hogsett Elementary School, is one of 22 Kentucky educators who have been named recipients of the 2004 Ashland Inc. Teacher Achievement Award. The award is given by the Kentucky Department of Education and sponsored by Ashland.

Rowland and the other 21 winners are eligible to compete for the 2004 Kentucky Teacher of the Year Award, which will be announced in January.

Hogsett Principal Rebecca Goode said Rowland is "richly deserving of the award."

"Patti is an absolute joy for me to work with, and I think I can say the same for her fellow teachers and the students," Goode said. "She gives 110 percent to every task she handles, and she meets every deadline and standard I set for her.

"She has developed our computer lab way beyond where she found it, and she has created a learning environment and instruction program that has made our student body computer literate," said Goode. "She has first-graders who already know how to make PowerPoint presentations."


Rowland and the 21 other achievement award recipients will be honored at a ceremony and luncheon on Jan. 8 in Frankfort at the state Capitol. Representatives of Department of Education, Governor's Office and Ashland will be on hand for the event. The person selected as the state's Teacher of the Year will be announced.

The 22 winners each will receive a framed certificate and a cash award of $500. The Teacher of the Year and two runners up will be given additional cash awards; the Teacher of the Year will receive $10,000 and each of the two runners up will receive $3,000.

The Kentucky Teacher of the Year Awards program became a joint venture of the Department of Education and Ashland three years ago. For several years Ashland had conducted its own awards program for teachers and students, giving winners cash prizes, while the department was operating its Teacher of the Year program, giving certificates to winners.

"Our Teacher of the Year program was a great way to recognize teachers but we were only giving them certificates and pats on the back," said Department of Education spokesperson Lisa Gross. "We were looking for a sponsor who could provide cash awards, and Ashland, which had a history of recognizing outstanding educators and students, agreed to sponsor our program."

In evaluating applicants for the achievement awards, judges consider each teacher's teaching philosophy, experiences, community involvement and recommendations from superiors, colleagues and students.

Rowland has served as Hogsett's technology resource teacher for the last five years. She was the school's library media specialist for the five years before her current assignment. This is her 28th year as a teacher.

Rowland, who spent her first two years of college at Centre College, received her bachelor's and master's degree in education from the University of Louisville and her Rank I teaching certification from Eastern Kentucky University.

Rowland is the wife of Danville Superintendent Bob Rowland. They have three sons, all Danville High School graduates: Aaron, a Centre graduate who is a first-year veterinary science student at Auburn University; Brian, a senior at Campbellsville University; and Curt, a sophomore at Asbury College.

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