Boyle sophomore roots for Rebels but adores Danville - at least a certain Admiral

December 05, 2003|HERB BROCK

Danville-Boyle County football can generate revelry as well as rivalry.

Everybody knows the rivalry.

The Danville Admirals vs. the Boyle County Rebels is a high school version of the University of Kentucky Wildcats vs. the University of Louisville Cardinals collegiate grudge match. Hatred may be a strong word to describe the feelings between teams, students and fans of the two schools, especially when it comes to football, but not too strong.

Now for the revelry. While the athletes from Danville and Boyle and many of their fans may battle it out on the fields and courts and in the bleachers and stands, more than a few students from the two schools get along just fine. Love is not too strong a word to describe the feeling felt by Danville and Boyle youngsters involved in interscholastic dating.

Boyle kids revere the Rebel. Danville kids admire the Admiral. But there are some kids at both schools who have another favorite mascot - Cupid. These students would be the ones who have gone from ridiculing their rival school to romancing students there, thanks to the merry matchmaker in wings.


Take Courtney Cox and some of her friends, for example. No, not Courteney Cox the actress and her TV "Friends." We're talking about the Courtney Cox who is a sophomore at Boyle County and some of her friends there.

Courtney, 15, roots for Rebels but adores the Admirals, at least a certain special one. On Thursday she and her boyfriend, Davis Teater, a Danville senior who started on this year's Admiral football team, celebrated their first anniversary of dating. By the way, he's not a purebred Admiral. He transferred from Lincoln County to Danville before his junior year.

Courtney does have some Danville blood but only a drop. She has bled black and gold most of her school life. She attended Hogsett Elementary School at the beginning of her elementary school career but transferred from Hogsett to Woodlawn Elementary School in the Boyle system and has been there ever since, going from Woodlawn to Boyle Middle on to the high school.

She has always been a fan of Boyle sports teams but became a real Rebel rooter five years ago when her only sibling, her brother Charlie Cox, became a member of the Boyle varsity football team. During Charlie's career, which ended after the 2002 season, Courtney had a lot to cheer about.

"He has four state champship rings. It was a lot of fun for my parents and me to follow Charlie and the team while they won almost every game and won every state title they went after," said Courtney.

Charlie's and Courtney's biggest fans are their parents, Rusty and Tina Cox. He's a retired Danville police officer now working for the Boyle County Health Department, and she's a deputy Boyle County clerk. Meanwhile, Charlie has been a freshman at Western Kentucky University but is transferring to UK in January.

Courtney hasn't just cheered for the Rebels from the stands. During her freshman year, she was a boys' varsity sports cheerleader. She no longer is a member of that squad but is still a cheerleader. She is a member of the Lawrenceburg-based All-Stars competitve cheerleading outfit, which competes in contests across the country. She also is a member of the athletic trainer class at Boyle, a course that not only reflects her interest in sports but also has helped form her career goal of becoming a nurse.

No. 8 is No. 1 with her

Though she no longer is a high school cheerleader, she still leads cheers for a certain high school player - No. 8 on the Danville roster and No. 1 in Courtney's heart, 6-foot,160-pound wide receiver/defensive back Davis Teater.

"Davis has a very good sense of humor and is really good to me. He's just a very special person," said Courtney, who sports a sweetheart ring Davis gave her.

In addition to the sweetheart ring from the Danville player, Courtney wears a Danville sweatshirt - at Danville games, of course. She sits with a friend - another young woman in the exact same dating situation that she's in.

"Kate Edmiston, a senior (at Boyle), dates (Danville player) Dan White, and Kate and I sit together at the Danville games," Courtney said. "Danville fans don't give us a hard time at games. They're pretty nice."

But some of the members of the Boyle team have given Courtney a hard time, though she describes it as a benign form of ribbing.

"Oh, the guys do tease me a lot, but it's all good-natured," she said.

Of course, Courtney believes it would be hypocritical for the players or fans from either school to get too aggressive with the teasing. She has several friends and knows a lot of other Boyle students who date Danville students, and she says the situation is reversed across town.

"There is a lot of dating between students of both schools. I suppose my situation stands out because it involves football, and that's something that really gets teams, students and supporters from both schools going and pumped up," she said.

Courtney witnessed first-hand how "pumped up" both sides can be in September when she got to experience her first Danville-Boyle game as a Boyle student who was dating a Danville player.

"Some of the Rebel players kidded me a lot before that game. They'd say things like, 'Your boyfriend's going down Friday night,'" she said. "But it was all in fun, and after the game, even though Boyle beat Davis and his team, they didn't rub it in. They said they respected the way he played."

Wearing her blue, white and silver Admiral sweatshirt, today she was to go to Papa John's Cardinal Stadium in Louisville to witness the Danville-Beechwood Class A championship game. On Saturday, she will return to the same stadium to watch the Boyle-Highlands Class AAA championship game, this time wearing her black and gold Rebel sweatshirt.

At both games, she will be wearing her loyalty on her blue and white and black and gold shirts. At the Danville game, she also will be wearing her heart on her sleeve.

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