Adelphia says cable problems in Stanford being corrected

December 05, 2003|EMILY BURTON

STANFORD - The city's Adelphia cable complaints are one step closer to being corrected, a representative told City Council members Thursday night at their monthly meeting.

Adelphia area Manger Jim Underwood spoke to council members about their concerns over poor reception, dropped stations and lack of response to their phone calls as a follow-up visit to last month's meeting.

"I think we've implemented a few practices that will help us solve these issues," said Underwood.

The practices include the use of log sheets to record complaints received over the phone. Underwood said the sheets were distributed to Adelphia call centers, where Stanford citizens have repeatedly called with service complaints, and to City Hall.

One upset cable customer said the measure was a step in the right direction. Ella Mae Curlis has been campaigning for better service by Adelphia, through several years of fuzzy reception and random channel blackouts.


Curlis said that, after months of complaints without results, she was now pleased with the way the company had been treating her in November, though improvements to her cable reception had yet to be made.

"I am comfortable with the arrangement, yes," Curlis replied when asked if she felt she was receiving the help she needed from Adelphia.

Council member Geneva Owens said she appreciated Underwood's attendance and said his company had always treated her respectfully over the phone.

"When I've called with a problem they've always been nice about it And with 66 stations, you can always find something to watch," answered Owens to complaints of several fuzzy channels.

Underwood said he would continue to examine the possible reasons behind Curlis' "intermittent problems" and to keep city council members up-to-date on Adelphia's progress on improving customer service.

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