Ads, Rebels enjoy championship homecomings

December 07, 2003|LIZ MAPLES

Local high school football players were welcomed home - to Danville, otherwise known as Title Town - in style over the weekend after winning state championships in Louisville.

Danville won the Class A title game 42-7 Friday, and Boyle County triumphed 44-10 Saturday to claim the Class AAA crown. It is the third time the city has boasted two reigning state championship teams at the same time.

"You just can't find 15 championship titles between two high schools five miles apart, anywhere - it's out of this world," said Roy Miller, who is the uncle of a Boyle County player and boyfriend of a Danville alum.

The football players were escorted back to their respective schools by police units, with lights and sirens, and greeted by fans, parents and cheerleaders.


At Danville Friday...

The Admirals cheerleading squad ran to the bus, standing in below-freezing temperatures, to yell, "D-town, state champs" as their team got off.

"They deserve it," said Jamie Sommers, a Danville sophomore. "They worked their butts off."

Kitty Hawkins, quarterback Ronnie Hawkins' mom, wore a blue-bell wreath around her neck, and had made a seven-layer cake for the players to share with their glowing fans. She never stopped smiling.

Out in the parking lot, James Griffin waited to applaud the team.

"They're supposed to win," he said.


"Because they're Danville, that's why," he said.

His grandson, Blake Napier, 7, waited with him.

"I'm an Admiral fan," he said. "When I grow up, I'm going to be one."

Senior Dominick Penman also waited, in the sleet and snow, to congratulate his classmates.

"We have to let everybody know that (class of) 04 is for real," he said.

Angela Johnson, Danville principal, spoke before the cake was cut.

"Well, everybody, we did it again," she said.

This is the 10th state championship the team has won, and the seventh for coach Sam Harp.

Johnson said that things would be back to normal on Monday, but there were sure to be a lot more smiles.

"I always ask my students to give me their best, and today they certainly gave us their best," she said

At Boyle Saturday...

A quartet of men led a group of fans in cheers by shaking their kitty litter jugs full of change. Fireworks shot off as the team's bus turned off U.S. 150. on to Perryville Road.

Inside the gym the stands were full of fans that had returned from Louisville.

"I've never seen so many people at a game," said Terry Davis, a fan. "I don't think there was anyone left in Boyle County today - it would have been a good day to go shopping."

Kayla Fowler, a sophomore, went to Louisville, and came back to the school to welcome back her future boyfriend, No. 44, Brad Whitehouse. The two have been "talking."

She said she hasn't seen him all week because he had been at practices, and planned to tell him that she missed him.

The team won by 34 points.

Ask Caleb Cocanougher, 9, why they won, and he'll tell you.

"Because they're AWESOME," he said.

His brother, Paden, is on the team.

When the team got off the bus they were greeted by outstretched hands for high-fives, and when they made it to the gym for a pep rally they walked in to the beat of the song, "The Boys are Back in Town."

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