Danville notebook

December 07, 2003

Changing numbers: Danville senior receiver-cornerback Phillip Dunn normally wears No. 24. However, he wore No. 17 in Friday's Class A state title game because he left his No. 24 jersey in Danville.

"When we got here and I went to pad my pants, I realized I didn't have my jersey," Dunn said.

He had to tell assistant coach Jerry Perry and then head coach Sam Harp.

"I'm not going to say what coach Perry said, but he got me another jersey. They always bring extra ones with them," Dunn said.

Junior lineman Masaak Tagarook might have been Dunn's most understanding teammate. He left his jersey in Danville when the Admirals played at Harrodsburg earlier this season.

"(Assistant) Coach (Jay) Reynolds drove back and got it for me," Tagarook said. "I wasn't about to say anything to Phillip. I know it can happen."


Dunn helped make up for his mistake with a second-half interception. However, he did have one regret about that.

"I was leaning back when I made the catch and fell," Dunn said. "If I had stayed on my feet, I had an open field and then everyone would have known who No. 17 was."

Lucky meal: Normally Harp takes his wife, Karen, out to dinner the night before Danville games. However, he changed that routine Thursday.

"I couldn't eat. My stomach was in knots. Usually it's not like that," Harp said.

So what did he eat?

"He had a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios with milk," Karen Harp said. "He likes that anyway."

The Danville coach agreed.

"I just didn't feel like going out or eating a lot. That might be my meal every night before a game now because of the way we played. Maybe it's my lucky meal," Harp said.

Making the stop: Kicker Zach Hampton not only hit six extra points in Friday's game, but also made a touchdown-saving tackle.

Kelvin Turner had just scored to give the Ads a 14-0 lead with 23 seconds to play in the first half. Hampton's kickoff was scooped up by Griffin Howard at the 26. He rumbled to the Danville 40 before Hampton tackled him.

"That's what I've got to do," Hampton said. "I was kind of afraid I was going to miss him, but as soon as I got him down, a whole world of relief came down on me"

Staying warm: Harp wasn't prepared for Danville's victory celebration that included pouring a cooler of ice water over him as the game ended.

"I found ice cubes in my jacket when I took it off," the coach said.

Fortunately he had a sweatshirt he had not worn during the game to put on to wear home and the insulated pants he had on because of the cold weather kept his normal pants almost dry.

"I just never think about things like what we might do if we win," Harp said. "But I'm really glad I didn't put on that other sweatshirt. If I had, it really would have been a cold ride home."

Chilling win: Tagarook was not at full speed Friday because of a sinus infection.

"I had chills a couple of nights ago and really didn't feel very good," he said. "I've got chills again now, but these are different chills. These are the kind of chills you like."

"We sent him in early at the half because he was just so exhausted. We got in there at halftime, looked him in the eyes and said 'Son, you've got to go. There are 24 more minutes for a state title. You've got to go.' He sucked it up and he did it," Harp said.

Numbers: Senior fullback Dexter Grey had a career-high six carries for 30 yards, including a 15-yard run. ... Harp now has 242 career wins. The only active coaches with more wins are Bob Schneider of Newport Catholic (278), Dudley Hilton of Bell County (261), Bob Redman of Male (258) and Phillip Haywood of Belfry (255). ... Danville had more punt return yards (33) than Beechwood had rushing yards (22).

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