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December 08, 2003

100 years ago - 1903

Quail still are selling at top prices on the local market. Although the price is $2.40 a dozen, the demand seems to be as great as last season. The price is expected to reach $3 during the holidays.

The Centre College Minstrels will draw a large crowd to the opera house. This society event of the early winter season will be followed by a dance. The Chasse des Fees Club will give the dance at the Gilcher. Seats are on sale at Lillard's drug store. Carriages may be ordered for 10:20 p.m.

The public is sorry to learn of the resignation of Mrs. Glen Eddy from the telephone exchange. There was a misunderstanding between her and the manager. For nine years, Mrs. Eddy has been one of the most efficient operators, and is unusually popular with the businessmen. Everybody hopes that she will return to her job.


Mrs. Auer, a professional hair dresser in Cincinnati, is attracting a lot of attention while she is at Miss Eastham's store. She is an artist and is receiving lots of patronage.

Several members of the Centre College freshman class were hazed by a number of fellow students. They are minus a good crop of hair. Some of the boys looked like Fiji Islanders with their locks trimmed in several different fashions. They now will need their hair clipped close to the scalp so a smooth and even growth can be started.

Capt. Richardson and the members of Co. G are leaving to attend the inauguration of Gov. Beckham. About 55 members will go. Lts. Morford and Silliman will be with the company. The Third Battalion, under Major E.W. Lillard of Danville, is expected to occupy a prominent position in the inaugural parade.

75 years ago - 1928

Between 6,000 and 8,000 men, women and children waited on Main Street for two hours to see Santa Claus and his reindeer. Santa was sent to Danville by the Louisville Courier-Journal. They also visited Harrodsburg. Despite the cloudy weather with the occasional drizzle, the crowd was not disappointed. Old Santa and his helper, a real Eskimo, arrived to a joyous crowd. Many people filled the upper stories of the buildings on Main Street and a few men were on top of the cupola at the courthouse. The reindeer were on a large motor truck and a baby reindeer attracted a lot of attention.

In a Christian education poster contest, children in grades 7-8 made 25 posters. Catherine McMullen won first prize of $2. The second prize of $1 was won by Ruth Rogers. Honorable mentions went to Catherine Cravens, Harrison Johnson, Louise VanWinkle, Margaret Moore and Ruth Arnold. The posters will be used by the Presbyterian Auxiliary.

Opening week of the burley tobacco market was busy. There was a full quota of buyers and more competition than before. Each buyer is forcing his competitor to the limit on every basket offered and it is snapped up as though it were molten gold. Not since 1919 has there been so much activity. Some of the sellers are: Otto Wilder of Lincoln County, sold 1,130 pounds for $448.85; Combest and Thompson of Casey County, sold 925 pounds for $367.50; and Calhoun and Welcher of Boyle County, sold 3,705 pounds for $1,464.35.

50 years ago - 1953

Doctors and nurses must have done several quick double takes in the delivery room at Ephraim McDowell Memorial Hospital when two sets of twins - all boys - were born within three hours and 38 minutes. The first set of twins are the children of Mr. and Mrs. Orrie Hornsby of Junction City. The oldest boy weighed 5 pounds and 7 ounces. The second set of twins are the sons of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dillon of Paint Lick. The Hornsbys already had three daughters.

Two trustees from the State Reformatory at LaGrange, working on the Kentucky State Hospital farm and plant on Shakertown Road, were arrested and accused of peddling marijuana. Undercover agents allegedly bought $130 in marijuana from the pair. They were arrested by Sheriff Clyde Harmon of Boyle County and Deputy Sheriff Oliver McGinnis of Mercer County.

A caroling group composed of nine local residents has been organized as a community project by Robert Haux, superintendent of the Danville Recreation Department. The carolers will go into various neighborhoods and will sing at houses where lighted candles are displayed. One afternoon, they will sing at the Salvation Army Kettle House on West Main Street and in Ephraim McDowell Memorial and Kentucky State hospitals for the patients. Group members are Margie Haux, Betty Metcalf, Charlotte Tipton, Ruth Ann Brown, Nancy Sewell, Fred Turnbull, Jack Brown Stith, David Highbaugh, Jim Clark and Wesley Gilmer.

Five of the Danville city officials who were re-elected to their positions are: Harry Hardinge, city engineer; Joe G. Davis, city attorney; Alex Upton, fire chief; Jason Wesley, city clerk; and Tom Clark, police chief.

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