Bartleson wins contest

December 08, 2003

Norman Bartleson of Danville didn't think Kentucky would win a high-scoring game against UCLA. Because he went with a lower tiebreaker score than most contestants, he won the first Popeyes Beat the Experts Basketball Contest of the season.

Bartleson was one of three contestants to get eight games right. He wins a 12-piece chicken dinner and is eligible for the season-ending grand prize contest.

Zach Coyle, editor of the Boyle County High School newspaper, and sports editor Larry Vaught led the panel of experts with five correct picks. Coyle was closest on the tiebreaker score.

Those who beat the best expert to win a two-piece chicken dinner from Popeyes were as follows:

Eight right - Jimmy Glasscock, Perryville; John Dinwiddie, Danville.

Seven - Jeremy Potts, Danville; Dana Reising, Danville; Agnes Bartleson, Danville; Holly Peak, Lancaster; Brenda Hinkle, Danville; Bob Hair, Stanford; Donna Hair, Stanford; Ira Pendygraft, Parksville; MIchael Bottom, Harrodsburg; and Chris Bottom, Harrodsburg.


Six - Lauren Newman, Danville; Joseph Lyons, Danville; Robert Broaddus, Lancaster; Helen Broaddus, Lancaster; Jeffrey Broaddus, Lancaster; Warren Jones, Danville; Brandon Ponsoll, Danville; John Ponsoll, Danville; Sam Ponsoll, Danville; Bonita Bartleson, Danville; Bill Jurgensen, Danville; Will McCormack, Stanford; Johnny Raines, Danville; Paul Vandyke, Lancaster; Ralph Vandyke, Danville; Pauline Vandyke, Lancaster; Margaret Vandyke, Lexington; Vicki Pendygraft, Harrodsburg; Ray Young, Parksville; Todd Bryant, Danville; John Sullivan, Danville; Randy Hawkins, Danville; Jeff Tribble, Harrodsburg; Michael Glasscock, Perryville; Hunter Glasscock, Perryville; Richard Smith, Danville; Marshall Simpson, Harrodsburg; Judy Glasscock, Perryville; Brock Coleman, Lancaster; Cindi Frederick, Danville; Don Garland, Danville; Gene Milburn, Harrodsburg; Justin Kelley, Stanford; Dylan Colvin, Harrodsburg; Cathy Floyd, Stanford; Jerry Potts, Danville.

Five - Lavenia Brammer, Danville; Julie Fields, Lancaster; John Linton, Danville; Felix Keene, Springfield; Tim Settles, Danville; Al Atmore, Danville; Patty Jurgensen, Danville; Danny Strevels, Stanford; William Lester, Perryville; Brian Pendygraft, Harrodsburg; Kenny Floyd, Stanford; Richard Rowe, Stanford; and Maxine Price, Liberty.

Contestants are reminded that only entry forms in today's newspaper or official, stamped copies obtained at the newspaper are eligible for prize consideration.

Football Contest Grand Prize

Contestants who won a regular-season football contest to qualify for the grand prize contest should pick winners of the college football bowl games listed in the graphic on this page. The Louisville-Miami game will be the tiebreaker and entry deadline is Dec. 15 at 4 p.m..

The top four finishers in the grand prize contest each receive 12 12-piece chicken dinners from Popeyes.

Those eligible for the contest are Dana Reising, Michael Glasscock, Allen Doud, Jimmy Glasscock, George Johnson, Austin Chenault, Jack Farthing, Marshall Simpson, Sally Brammer, Brian Pendygraft, Julie Sanders, Jerry Bodner, Buster Quinn and Norman Bartleson. Sanders can submit two entries because she won two contests.

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