Vaught's Views: Boyle, Danville clearly 1-2

December 10, 2003|LARRY VAUGHT

Thank goodness computers don't play a role in determining which teams win high school football state championships.

If they did, maybe we would have had as big a mess last weekend in Louisville as college football has in the Bowl Championship Series, where the No. 1 team in the Associated Press poll - Southern Cal - won't play in the BCS title game.

The high schools do it the right way. Maybe the high school playoff system isn't perfect, but at least a team gets to win a championship on the field like Boyle County and Danville both did without having to depend on computers.

Not that the prep playoffs don't leave a little speculation. After all, which team really is No. 1 in Kentucky?

Those in Louisville probably would point to Trinity, which beat St. Xavier in the Class AAAA title game. Trinity also has Mr. Football Brian Brohm


However, it should be clear that the Title Town teams clearly would be No. 1 and No. 2 in any state football rankings. Start with Danville, an easy 42-7 winner over Beechwood in the Class A title game.

The only Class A team that could even argue would be Louisville Holy Cross, which gambled on fourth down from its own 29-yard line in the final minute of play in the regional final and lost 27-22 to Danville.

There was no Class AA team better than Danville, either. In fact, if Garrard County quarterback Spencer Crutchfield had not been hurt at midseason, I still think the Golden Lions would have been playing for the AA title.

Go to Class AAA. Highlands reached the title game against Boyle, but Danville won 26-25 at Highlands during the season. Clearly the Ads were better than the Bluebirds.

Class AAAA? Danville opened the season by beating duPont Manual. Three weeks into the season, guess who Manual beat? It was Trinity, which clearly shows Danville would have to be ranked over the Shamrocks - or any other AAAA team since Trinity did win the state title.

Of course, this logic makes it easy to see why Boyle would have to be the state's No. 1 team in any poll. Not only did the Rebels rout Highlands 44-10 in the Class AAA title game, but Boyle also easily beat the Admirals 45-26 during the season. Those two scores alone clearly stake a claim to the No. 1 overall ranking for Boyle.

Instead of a rebuilding year - the words Boyle coach Chuck Smith used back in July - this turned out to be a perfect season for Boyle.

Smith even acknowledged after the championship game that this might have been his best team. That's strong praise considering the Rebels have now won five straight state titles and did not lose a game in 1999, 2000 or 2001, either.

The only team that might be able to argue with ranking the Title Town teams 1-2 would be Paducah Tilghman, which lost 35-21 to Boyle in the Class AAA semifinals. However, if Tilghman wants to complain, it can get in line with Southern Cal to voice its protest.

Of course, the A-M computer is as open to second guessing as the BCS computer, but there's no way here to have any final poll that doesn't have the Title Town teams 1-2.

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