Net Xpress: Don't let 'the big guy' eliminate your computing choices

December 15, 2003|SHEILA J. CLARK

The luxury of having a choice is one great advantage of living in the land of the free. However, there are still areas of the computing part of our free society that are being unfairly monopolized by "the big guy."

Sure, there are quite a few choices available to consumers as far as operating systems go, but those choices are often overcast by one company. There is no need to name names, as everyone knows who "the big guy" is and the products he produce.

The point I want to make is that I believe there is room for everyone in the land of computing. I strongly feel that no one should let one company or one product be the only option available when making their computer-related decisions. See what is out there and make your own decisions based on your own personal needs and desires. Having a choice is a powerful tool, so don't let anyone take that away. You don't have to know everything about computers to make a decision, but you do need to be able to have a choice when making one.

Advertisement launched to help raise funds to support their resellers in the Netherlands, Sweden, France and other countries. The effort is a call to help keep an operating system choice in these countries. As you may recall, is a leading desktop Linux operating system company and the producer of LindowsOS. The campaign began because several of's international partners were being pressured by "the big guy" to stop selling LindowsOS products. is offering ChoicePC supporters a unique opportunity not only to bring choice to the previously mentioned countries but also computer users worldwide. The program behind the ChoicePC effort is the Lifetime LindowsOS Membership. Supporters simply purchase the $100 membership and receive a lifetime license to every digital version of LindowsOS public releases, a lifetime membership to the CNR Warehouse - this is the online software library, valued at $49.95 per year - a "" T-shirt and recognition on the Web site.

This is a limited offer and only 500 memberships per country are made available. The Netherlands memberships are already sold out and Sweden will most likely be sold out by the time you read this. France was just added, so if you're lucky, you still might have a chance to help out. Other countries may be added in the near future.

To offer your support or to learn more, point your browser to

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* December was supposed to be a non-patch month, as declared by Microsoft, but mid-week last week, a patch was released on Microsoft's update site for a FrontPage flaw that was released in November. A glitch prevented some XP systems from receiving the patch during the first release. Read more at

* Napster, the leading authority in online music, is selling pre-paid music cards via retail stores. The cards sell for $14.85 and allow the cardholder 15 song downloads on the Napster Web site after activation. Locally, the Napster cards are available at Kroger, Rite Aid, Speedway and RadioShack.

* Last Wednesday, SCO - they are the ones trying to put claims on Linux and filing lawsuits, including one against IBM - made claims that it had been under yet another DoS attack; see With a bit of research, it was found that might not be the case. See what security experts have discovered on Groklaw at

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