Liberty woman sues Casey hospital, three doctors

December 16, 2003

LIBERTY - A Liberty woman has filed a lawsuit against the Casey County Hospital and three doctors, according to records filed in Circuit Clerk Craig Overstreet's office. Also named in the suit is Westlake Regional Hospital in Columbia, which was managing the Casey hospital at the time.

Linda Carmicle of 110 Fair St., who was injured in an automobile accident Nov. 27, 2002, claims negligence in rendering medical care and treatment by the hospital, along with doctors Edward Grimball of Somerset, Jared Wilson of Russell Springs, and Housam Haddad of Liberty, and Marshall Emergency Associates of Lexington.

The lawsuit, filed Nov. 26, states that the hospitals acting through their respective agents, servants, representatives, and employees negligently rendered medical, nursing and hospital care; treatment diagnostic services, and other services to Carmicle.

Carmicle went to the hospital emergency room after the auto crash and claims that the doctors failed to obtain proper diagnostic services and to properly read X-rays to perceive the degree of her injuries to the neck, back, spine and right leg. She claims the doctors failed to follow the proper standard of care and protocol for all follow-up care to her and she had to undergo additional surgery for injuries.


Carmicle claims that she has sustained permanent impairment of her power to labor and earn money in an amount in excess of the minimum jurisdictional limits of the court.

She has incurred medical expenses and expects to incur more in the future.

She is asking for compensatory and punitive damages, and court costs.

Carmicle is represented by attorney James A. Ridings of Hamm, Milby & Ridings law firm in London.

A lawsuit gives only the plaintiff's side of the complaint.

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