Danville denies two liquor licenses

December 17, 2003|LIZ MAPLES

Two businesses will have their cases heard for liquor license applications by the state Alcoholic Beverage Control board Jan. 8 in Frankfort.

The city refused to issue the licenses, saying it does not have the authority, to Old Crow Inn's winery and the Danville Convention Center.

The newspaper submitted a list of questions to the ABC on Wednesday. There was no response, and phone calls were not returned by press time today.

Andre Brousseau applied for a retail malt beverage and a restaurant wine license for his winery and bed and breakfast. He believes that his winery would not be governed by Danville's restaurant liquor-by-the-drink ordinance, but by a law that deals with farm wineries.


Danville ABC administrator Bridgette Milby said that because the winery did not have permanent seating for 100 people and 70 percent of its revenue from food sales, she could not issue the license.

Brousseau said, in his application letter, that the malt beverage license would allow him to serve beer to his customers who don't drink wine. Old Crow Inn's restaurant, Chateau du Vieux Corbeau, hosts small conferences and weddings.

The restaurant wine license would allow him to serve beverages that are not made in Kentucky, such as champagne.

He believes the winery can hold the license because the law says a farm winery license holder may also hold a restaurant wine license if it has a restaurant or bed and breakfast, and the purpose of the business is to promote viticulture and enology, growing grapes and making wine, and tourism.

Don Vizi, president of the convention center, said he believes that the law allows convention centers to hold liquor licenses to serve guests of conventions and meetings.

Milby said the city could not issue that license because she was only authorized to issue liquor-by-the-drink licenses to restaurants.

Madar Bux, owner of the convention center, said he believes that the license will be issued.

Vizi wanted to emphasize that it was not their intent to have a bar, but only to serve alcohol to guests attending functions.

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