A neo-con's answer to a 'neo-lib'

December 17, 2003

Dear Editor:

Herb Brock's interview choice for his "local reaction" story concerning the capture of Saddam Hussein certainly gave this reader a peek at what our colleges are pumping into our young people.

Herb introduced his interviewee, Nayef Samhat, as an expert on the Middle East and a Centre College professor. I must confess, I never heard of a "National Endowment for Humanities associate professor of government and international relations." Quite a title. Makes me wonder, Is this course for teaching our young students or brainwashing them?

One has only to read the far left ramblings of this man Samhat, to see his desire for one world government.


Mr. Samhat continually harps on the lack of "widespread world support" for the destruction of the Hussein regime. He, supposedly being an "expert on the Middle East," knows little or has little concern for the U.S. Constitution. Our nation's Constitution calls for the federal government to protect us as a primary duty. In doing so, it does not call for "widespread world support." If Saddam Hussein was not a threat to the security of this nation, then we have no threats.

Mr. Samhat states our destruction of the Hussein regime "sets a bad standard for the world." What kind of a "world standard" was Saddam setting?

Mr. Samhat continually puts down what he calls the "neo-conservatives," which he refers to as "neo-cons." So be it. If we who believe in freedom and the protection of America from the Saddams of the world are "neo-cons," then what should we call the agenda Mr. Samhat supports? I'll call it the "neo-liberal" agenda, or "neo-libs."

If these neo-libs had had their way Saddam Hussein would have still been living in one of his palaces, murdering his people and plotting against America. Thanks to the neo-cons, he was dug out of a rat hole Saturday.

Thanks Herb, for enlightening us as to some of the neo-lib junk our colleges are pumping into our young minds.

Paul Overstreet


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