Vaught's Views: Leffews still help Boyle

December 17, 2003|LARRY VAUGHT

The football season officially ends in Title Town Thursday night. That's when the Leffew brothers - offensive tackle Travis and defensive lineman Bobby - will try to help Louisville beat Miami (Ohio) in the GMAC Bowl in Mobile, Ala.

Chuck Smith, their former coach at Boyle County, won't be able to go to the game. But he'll be one of many Title Town fans watching the Leffew brothers on ESPN.

"I sure am going to watch," Smith said. "I've watched them two or three times this year. The last time I watched, Travis' man did not get close to the quarterback and Bobby just dominated at times the second half."

Smith, who just finalized his 2004 schedule by agreeing to play at Lexington Catholic to open the season, expects many of his current players to be watching the former Rebels on national TV Thursday night, too.


"I know (my son) Brandon (Smith) will be watching," Smith said. "Our players know who they are. Their names are up in our locker room. Some of our players remember playing with them. They both also try to stop by here a lot."

Smith does all he can to make sure his players, and future Boyle players, understand what hard work can do for them. And he's not just talking about the record five straight state titles Boyle has now won.

Eight other Rebels are playing Division I football

The Rebels have eight other players besides the Leffew brothers playing Division I football.

Two of them - placekicker Taylor Begley and receiver Jacob Tamme - are at Kentucky. Matt Miller is a receiver at Eastern Kentucky. David Jennings is a placekicker at Texas Christian. Brodie Overstreet is an offensive lineman at Wake Forest. Running back Casey McCoy and linemen Justin Nichols and Lance Mertz play at Morehead, which fell one game short of winning the Division I-AA non-scholarship national championship.

"It shows everybody what hard work can do," Smith said. "They paid a price to be where they are. They are talented, but they worked to get where they are. I'm really proud of all of them. I try to go watch as many of them as I can during the season. I went on Saturdays two or three times this year because I like to see them play."

Eventually he would like to have a former player playing in the National Football League. Currently two former Harrodsburg players - Kansas City tight end Jason Dunn and Arizona defensive end Dennis Johnson - are in the NFL.

Travis Leffew, a sophomore, recently was named to the Conference USA second team. Bobby Leffew, a junior, also has been seen by various NFL scouts.

"They are both going to have the first shot at being the first player from Boyle to make it in the NFL," Smith said. "Some others could eventually do it, too, but they will have the first chance."

Smith said the pair's success helps his program by proving what he tells players is true.

"What Travis and Bobby are doing now is what a lot of these guys here are dreaming of doing. But Travis and Bobby are proof that dreams can come true," Smith said.

And will Louisville beat Miami?

"I know Miami is good, but I'm confident in the Leffew boys," Smith said.

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