Falsehoods used to justify war in Iraq

December 18, 2003

Dear Editor:

Through numerous falsehoods and deceptions, George W. Bush and other senior members of his administration persuaded the American people and their representatives in Congress to go to war against Iraq. They repeatedly asserted that they had indisputable evidence that Iraq was amassing weapons of mass destruction. They invoked the specter of a mushroom cloud erupting over an American city, and of Americans dying in large numbers from chemical and biological assaults. Yet, nine months after the conquest of Iraq, no weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq.

They took every opportunity to associate the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001 with the regime of Saddam Hussein even though, as President Bush recently admitted, there was no evidence of Saddam's involvement. As a result, a majority of the American public, trusting their president to tell the truth, came to believe that Saddam played a role in the 9/11 attack.


President Bush sent Secretary of State Colin Powell to present these same falsehoods to the Security Council of the United Nations, thereby damaging the credibility and good name of our nation.

It is ironic that the Bush administration is now glorying in the capture of Saddam Hussein although he had nothing to do with 9/11, while Osama bin Laden, the organizer of this attack on the United States, is still at large in Afghanistan.

The Bush administration now claims that war was justified by the terrible brutality of Saddam's regime. Could they have persuaded America to go to war for this reason? We'll never know. Instead, we were stampeded by false claims of imminent danger. That is not how the citizens of a free society should be governed. The truth is what makes us free.

The Bush administration has subverted the constitutional process for going to war. Many Americans supported impeaching President Clinton for lying under oath about an adulterous relationship. Presenting a false rationale for war to Congress is far worse. It is an abuse of the office of the President of the United States. Would these same people support impeachment of President Bush?

Brian Cooney


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