Net Xpress: Used, old computer items can make quick gifts for the techie

December 21, 2003|SHEILA J. CLARK

Happy Holidays to you and yours! Don't forget to send out your e-cards, especially if you forgot to head to the post office before now.

If you're strapped for cash, try giving some gifts straight from the heart - just be creative. For a quick and easy stocking stuffer, use an old stick of RAM or an old processor and add a keyring to create a keychain for the techie on your list. Have an old computer collecting dust in your basement, closet or garage? Dust it off, spruce it up a bit and give it to someone who doesn't have a computer.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday season and that you get something you want from your techie list under the tree.

Linux update

* United Online, the leading value-priced Internet provider of Juno, NetZero and BlueLight Internet brands, now is offering service to Linux-based Lindows OS users. LindowsOS users can sign up for either the NetZero Platinum or Juno Platinum services, which each cost $9.95 per month. Unfortunately, NetZero HiSpeed, Juno SpeedBand, BlueLight Internet and the NetZero and Juno Free service plans currently are not available for LindowsOS users. Read more at


* In other news, the latest version of their Linux-based operating system, LindowsOS 4.5 was released Tuesday. Some of the features of this new release include SIPphone software, integrated, single-click search capabilities, built-in translation tools to and from six different languages, SPAM and pop-up blocking, a full office productivity suite, laptop features and remote desktop sharing. Also included is software for Juno Premium and NetZero Premium Internet access. Read more at

* Xandros Desktop Version 2 has been officially released. This release of the Linux-based desktop operating system will feature installs with only four clicks of a mouse. Other features include drag and drop CD burning, one-click access for free Linux software, and better hard-ware detection. Learn more at

* The latest Linux kernel, version 2.6.0 finally was released last week. This core update is said to be targeted towards power users. Among the new features the core offers are support for multi-processor servers and new methods of storing and retrieving information on hard drives. This is the first major change to the Linux kernel since January 2001 with the release of the 2.4.0 kernel. Read more at,2000048630,20282054,00.htm.

Net buzzz

* Tuesday, President Bush signed the CAN-SPAM Act, the nation's first anti-Spam law that will open the door for a national No-Spam Registry. Learn more at

* New software has been release that allows computer users to send and receive free worldwide calls on their computer. The software, SIPphone Desktop Software, is created by Xten, a leading company providing award-winning Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) softphones for voice over IP and IP telephony networks. SIPphone is a company founded by of Michael Robertson, founder of and Learn more at

* Microsoft will end its support for Windows 98 and SE on Jan. 16. The company still will offer occasional patches if deemed serious enough. Read more at;EN-US;w98. For support, visit the Microsoft Windows 98 site at

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