Booth, Lang win three for Danville

December 21, 2003

Matt Booth and Derrick Lang each won three matches for Danville Saturday at LaRue County.

Booth won three matches in the 140-pound class, and Lang took three in the 180-pound class.

Danville results

125 - Chris Booth (D) pinned by Tyler Lasley (Central Hardin), 5:30; pinned by Andrew Roland (LaRue County), 2:36; lost to Adam Netralf (Bullitt Central) 18-10; def. Chris Vange (North Hardin) 11-7; def. Jacob Conard (John Hardin) 17-0.

130 - Dylan Hester (D) won by forfeit over Central Hardin; pinned by Pat Banks (LC) 1:49; def. Kyle Dretrion (BC) 12-8; pinned Anthony Ash (NH), :42 won; pinned by Eli Thompson (JH), :43.

135 - Jacob Phillips (D) lost to Thomas Engle (CH) 5-2; pinned by Scott Wheeler (LC), 1:10; lost to Chad Bradgett (BC), 3:40; def. Jerry Ledford (NH) 8-6; pinned by Gary Showts (JH), 1:57.


140 - Matt Booth (D) def. Richie Erwright (CH) 18-4; pinned by Eli Ireland (LC), :20; pinned Joey Davis (BC), :35; pinned Mike Kramor (NH), :52; pinned by Eric Holman (JH), 1:34.

145 - Philip Mathis (D) pinned by Brian Roberts (CH), :34; pinned by Matt Stuits (LC), :20; pinned by Ricky Myers (BC), :39; pinned by Justin Manning (NH) :48; def. Thomas Sattin (JH) 16-1.

189 - Derrick Lang (D) pinned Bobby Hinton (CH) 1:59; pinned by Brience William (LC), 3:19; pinned Brandon Martin (BC), 1:15; pinned Steven Dow (NH), 1:02; pinned by Ryan Rink (JH), :36.

215 - Daniel Perry (D) pinned by Chad Corvin (CH) :16; pinned by Nick Yount (LC), 1:30; pinned by Sam Reilly (BC), :36; pinned Tim Viers (NH), 1:04; pinned by Chris Hill (JH), :46.

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