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December 22, 2003

100 years ago - 1903

One of the big horses for the fire department narrowly escaped death. The horse was walking around in the stable of the Kentucky Supply Co. An old cistern, which is not in use, was left uncovered and the animal stepped into the hole. After it was found, a team of men were put to work to dig it out. The animal was not injured.

The 175 children of the Christian Church Sunday School were treated to an old-fashioned Christmas tree. It was decorated with tinsel and iridescent Christmas ornaments and illuminated with candles of various colors. The decorators were Mrs. C.P. Cecil Jr., Mrs. Augustus Rogers and Miss Mary Reid. A Christmas solo was sung by Mrs. R.L. Salter Jr. Arthur Gibbons impersonated Santa to the great delight of the children. He brought toys and oranges for every child. After he distributed his wares, his suit caught fire. In the excitement, Santa ran to the rear of the church and plunged his head into the baptismal pool. Santa was not injured and escaped through a side door. The little children were distressed because they thought Santa had drowned.


Pension claim agent Taylor Terhune reports the following pensions will be distributed: Maria Swope, widow of Mason Swope of Davistown, $8 a month; Daniel Wright, Duncan Hill, increase from $8 to $10; Thomas Carol, Danville, increase from $6 to $8; Garrard Johnson heirs, Nevada, $10 per month.

John Lynn has accepted the position as manager of the livery department of the Fox and Logan stable. He will succeed Logan W. Wood, who will take the office of chief of police. Lynn is a Lincoln County native, but has been connected with the county clerk's office for the past three years.

75 years ago - 1928

The Hedgeville School had 87 children enrolled, with 36 in first grade. A solution was to take 31 of the children to Junction City and three children to another school district. Now Hedgeville has 63 enrolled, with 27 in first grade. Attendance is about 50 percent better in this district, mostly due to the compulsory school law being enforced. The school has many needs, but the worst one is not having a water source. The school room needs painting as the walls are black with soot.

One man is in the hospital with three gunshot wounds, another is suffering a gunshot wound to the abdomen and another man has a head injury after a fight on Main Street. The fight happened between Third and Fourth streets, a busy intersection that was filled with Christmas shoppers. The fight started when two men began hitting each other with their fists and then the guns were drawn. The man shot in the abdomen was an innocent bystander. All three were taken to the Boyle County Hospital.

The department of agriculture at Perryville High School has made some progressive steps, but needs supplies. If 55 energetic boys are to be kept profitably employed, many reference books, laboratory equipment and other supplies are necessary. It is impossible to keep a big class of boys busy in a laboratory with only enough equipment for four or five to use. Drawing and woodworking tables also are needed. Watson Armstrong is chairman of the department.

A musical program given over WHAS, the radio station of The Courier-Journal and Louisville Times, featured talented Danville residents. The program was sponsored by the Danville Daily Messenger. Some listeners requested "Silent Night," and Mrs. Hughes Jackson, accompanied by Miss Kathryn Warrinner on the piano, complied. The Sunshine Male Quartet, composed of J.E. Cook, L.L. Robinson, C.M. Whiddon and C.D. Durham made a big hit with their black spirituals. H.P. Kincaid Jr., who has a reputation as a violinist, played two numbers. Koreen Alcock and Helen Irvine, both 13 years old, also performed. Koreen played the piano and Helen gave a reading.

50 years ago - 1953

The Ferguson-Miller place, a mile out of Lancaster on Richmond Road, is the winner of the most beautifully decorated home award given by WHIR radio station. The winner receives $30 with $10 to go to the persons who did the decorating and $20 to go to some charity or church of the winner's choice. The prize-winning place is the home of Billy Miller of Louisville and his two sisters and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith and Miss Carrie Miller, who did most of the decorating. It is located atop Ferguson Hill.

About 25 boys and girls from the Christian Church Children's Home on Perryville Road were special guests for a Christmas party at Forest Hill, the country home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Lewis on Lexington Road. They watched television and enjoyed seeing Eddie Lewis run his electric train. Santa Claus also paid a visit and distributed gifts.

Final reading and approval was given to a City of Danville ordinance fixing the salaries of various officers and employees. Mayor W. Terry Griffin will receive $100 a month. City Judge W.L. Prall will receive $105 a month. James G. Sheehan Jr., city prosecutor, will receive a four-year term of $2,500 a year at $208 a month.

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