Arby's, Long John's being renovated

December 23, 2003|LIZ MAPLES

The strip of fast food restaurants on Hustonville Road will have a new look after the first of the year.

Arby's will close for three months, beginning after Christmas, while the restaurant is completely renovated for the first time since the early 1980s. More than a year after Yum, Inc. received approval to build a Long John Silver's and A&W combo restaurant on Hustonville Road, work has begun.

Yum, a Louisville-based company, delayed construction, at the request of the city, until plans to revamp the Danville Manor Shopping Center entrance could be made final.

The project was approved by the former Danville City Commission, and then reversed with a 3-2 vote by the current commission.


Mayor John Bowling and commissioners Ryan Owens and Chester Kavanaugh voted to cancel the project, stating objections to spending city money on a private entrance.

Commissioners Terry Crowley and Jamey Gay favored the new entrance and voted against the reversal.

Gay said at the time that the entrance needed to be changed because it's existing location, between Fazoli's and LJS, created a dangerous intersection into the shopping center.

The issue became the subject of an ethics complaint filed by a local citizens group which said Bowling should not have voted because of a financial interest in Arby's. The city's ethics board cautioned the mayor about decisions which could have the appearance of impropriety, but said there was no apparent financial gain from the decision.

The existing LJS restaurant will be torn down, but will be open until the new restaurant is complete. No one at Yum was available for comment.

Ron Morris, director of facilities for Danarb, Inc., said that the company believed it was time to upgrade the Arby's to the national chain's new look. It will have a mainly glass front, and all new seating, ceiling and floors.

Local contractor J.T. Goggans has been hired, and Morris said work should be complete by March.

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