Terrorism cannot be stopped by force

December 23, 2003

Dear Editor:

Dick Reecher's article in the Dec. 22 issue of the Advocate was very interesting.

First, Mr. Reecher should realize that Franklin Roosevelt was a very popular president. He brought the United States back from the Great Depression. He was a ray of hope for all Americans in that desperate time. FDR was elected to serve four terms as president by the American people. I think he has earned and deserves respect, not to be criticized about Japan bombing Pearl Harbor or Hitler's extermination of Jews.

Both of the aforementioned events were tragedies. Mr. Reecher also stated that our power lies in creating fear in other countries. That may have been true 20 years ago, but let's face it, this is a global community now. No longer can the U.S. be shielded by the fact that we are over here and they are over there. We can use force on some countries but we face a people with a cause now. Terrorism cannot be stopped. We can capture or kill all the Saddam Husseins and Bin Ladens we want; others will rise up to take control.


The Middle East has never known peace, and it never will. Anyone who thinks that any country over in that part of the world is just going to lie down and invite the United States in is naive. They hate our very existence. We love freedom and the ability to choose for ourselves. They despise every fabric of our being. They are willing to die to see our end, and everybody knows that if someone is willing to die for a cause, then that cause is going to be very hard to stop.

All presidents are not without fault. The Republicans love to use Bill Clinton as a focal point to rally on. Do they forget Watergate (Richard Nixon) or Iran-Contra (Ronald Reagan)?

The United States reaps what it sows. The Reagan administration supported and supplied Saddam Hussein with all of the military arsenal he could use during the Iraq and Iran war, and it came back to bite us. Enough said.

Ken Griffin


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