A dog-wagging tale of a Christmas wish come true

December 24, 2003

This is a true story of a little dog's adventures and how his Christmas wish came true. Only the dog's name has been changed for privacy.

Hi, my name is Felix and I'm a cute little white furry mutt. I've heard some humans say that I am part American Eskimo and part fox terrier, but that doesn't impress me since I don't know anything about those breeds. I only know about me and that's what's important.

I'm now about as big as a large cat, 15 or so pounds, but my story goes way back when I was a little squirt of only two or three pounds. Someone found me wandering around when I was only six months old and took me to Sadie's Rescue in Boyle County.

Boy, was I lucky that the person who found me knew about Sadie's Rescue because the people there doctor the newcomers if they need it, groom them (I really gave them something to groom when I arrived!), train them and take care of the residents until suitable homes can be found.


Since I was so cute and wiggly at that time, I was adopted pretty soon after I arrived. Well, it wasn't that easy. Volunteers from Sadie's Rescue would take a number of us to PetsMart in Lexington twice a month so shoppers could see us. That's how I got adopted the first time.

I don't know what went wrong; I loved playing tag with their little toddler.

But the next thing I knew I was back at Sadie's Rescue because the adults in that family said that I was chasing their baby all over the place. The people at Sadie's are very understanding and took me back. But it really isn't like having a family of your own. Every time I went to PetsMart some of the dogs would be adopted and I wouldn't see them any more.

So I started teaching myself tricks like ringing a bell when I needed to go outside to potty. I was adopted a second time soon after, but that lasted a shorter time because I thought they were playing tug of war and I play-growled while I was pulling.

The growling must have scared them because the next thing I knew I was back at Sadie's again. This time I stayed there for two years before a family asked to adopt me.

I was real careful that time. I tried my best to do all the right things. It must have worked because I was learning my new owners' routines and beginning to feel like part of the family, when, horrors, they took me to PetsMart and there were the volunteers from Sadie's. My heart sank and so did my tail. All I wanted for Christmas was a real home with a real family and here I was back at Sadie's Rescue. Wish I could have understood all the talk, everyone seemed so happy and then my owner picked me up and took me back home. My Christmas wish came true!|None***

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