Mercer will seek grant to plan sewer service

December 24, 2003|ANN R. HARNEY

HARRODSBURG - Mercer County officials began a process Tuesday that likely will be mandatory for many rural and small urban areas across this state and nation: the requirement all homes and businesses be hooked on to a large sewage treatment system.

The first step for that process is to work with the Kentucky General Assembly for grants to hire an engineer to plan for such a system.

Most Harrodsburg residents have the opportunity to hook on to the city's sewage treatment system. However, most other homes in the county and in Burgin are connected either to individual septic tanks or small package sewage treatment systems.

Mercer County Judge-Executive John Trisler said the county is a long way from implementing such a plan, mainly because there is no plan in place.


Trisler asked magistrates to allow the county to seek a grant to hire an engineer to begin the planning.

Trisler said seeking the grant does not mandate the county spend any money in the near future.

He introduced Mike Royalty, general manager of Lake Village Water District.

Trisler said Royalty has done a lot of work in the area, but water districts and associations cannot apply for grants for planning.

Oddly enough, Royalty said, "A water association can operate a sewage system but cannot do the planning."

Trisler said the process may be more urgent than it seems, but Royalty urged the county to complete water lines to all county residents before money is sought for a sewage system.

"The money would allow us to hire an engineer and look into (a sewage-treatment system) before we're forced to do something," Trisler said.

This is not the first time a countywide sewage system has been discussed.

"I first heard these plans 20 years ago," Magistrate Bill Waggener said. "We need to move on this; this has been discussed for a long time."

The magistrates approved the plan to seek grant money to begin planning. "I don't want to do this without your approval," Trisler told the court.

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