People: Ten-year-old Kaitlin Snapp

December 29, 2003|ANN R. HARNEY

Kaitlin Snapp likes dogs and cats, but a lot of people like dogs and cats. Besides, that's not the only reason she donated $50 to the local animal shelter.

Kaitlin is 10 years old and this year's fund-raiser at her school was selling gift wrapping. She sold more than anyone else at Jennie Rogers Elementary School, where she is in the fourth grade.

For selling $572 worth of gift wrapping, she won $50. At the end of the fund-raiser, which was in October and November, she was presented the money, but she didn't have it long. She gave it to Dan Turcea of the Boyle County Humane Society.


"I felt like other dogs and cats needed it more than I did," she said. "I'm pretty well off." She didn't say it in a proud or boastful way, but as a fact. She said she hoped the people at the animal shelter would use the money to buy better food for the animals.


Her mother, Barb Snapp, said Kaitlin has always been thoughtful and caring. "She's very generous," Kaitlin's mother said.

Kaitlin and her two older brothers, Kelsey, 14, and Kyle, 13, considered putting on a haunted house in their garage at Halloween, but it took too much planning to get it done this year. They were going to charge a can of cat or dog food as an entrance fee.

The family has a collie named Ginger and two cats, Smokey and Cuddles, and she and her brothers take turns taking care of the animals, Kaitlin said.

She hasn't given any thought to volunteer work at the shelter and she has only been there once, when the family considered getting another cat, but she passes by there frequently.

Kaitlin said she debated with herself about how best to spend her winnings. She also considered giving it to the Danville community arts center.

"I like to draw," she said, showing what seemed to be some accomplished art work for a youngster her age.

Kaitlin is already looking toward her future - her future in sales at least.

"If I win next year, I'll probably give it to someplace else."

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