Stanford Pizza Hut robbed at gunpoint

December 30, 2003|EMILY BURTON

STANFORD - A suspect in a ski mask escaped with an undisclosed amount of cash Monday night after walking into Pizza Hut with a gun and demanding money from a waitress and assistant manager.

The assistant manager described the man as short, under 5 foot, 5 inches tall, very thin, wearing street clothes and a ski mask. She said he was a foreigner, judging by his voice.

"If he hadn't been pointing a gun at me, I could have kicked his butt," said the assistant manager, who wanted to remain anonymous. "But when somebody points a gun at you, you give them what they want."

The robbery occurred at 10 p.m., a few minutes before closing, said the employee.

According to reports, the suspect walked into the restaurant and pulled the gun. The waitress screamed and drew the notice of the assistant manager as the suspect told them he was not joking and wanted the money from the register.


The assistant manager described the gun as a small caliber, semi-automatic weapon and said no shots were fired by the suspect during the robbery.

After the suspect left, the assistant manager called 911, where dispatchers sent Stanford Police officers Paul Blanton and Greg Hill to the scene. Lincoln County Sheriff's deputies and Kentucky State Police were also on the scene.

Stanford police Detective Rick Edwards said three suspects were interviewed Monday night, and possible leads are being followed. At press time, no arrests had been made.

Edwards said anyone with information should call dispatchers at (859) 365-4557. They may remain anonymous and could be given a cash reward.

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