Net Xpress: What did you learn about technology this year? Let us know!

January 04, 2004|SHEILA J. CLARK

Happy New Year!!! I hope your new year is filled with the best things life can bring.

I've decided to do a little "looking back on 2003" mini-questionnaire this week. The year 2003 came and went like a breeze, it seems. Where did it all leave you by the year's end? Was it a good computing/Internet experience or one you'd rather soon forget? Do you own or have access to a computer? Does your computer/Internet experience still overwhelm you? Are you feeling more confident about getting around on the Net or computing in general?

What operating system do you use or prefer most? Do you have dial-up or broadband access? What do you think of our local access providers? Did you learn anything new computer- or Internet-related in 2003? Have your skills improved from the previous year?

If given the opportunity, could you teach a beginner at least one new thing you learned in 2003? Did you make any major changes? Did you switch operating systems or computer platforms due to the recent changes in technology? How did you fair against the many viruses, trojans and worms in 2003? What frustrated you the most in regards to computing and the Internet?


What are your thoughts on SPAM (junk e-mail)? What are your top three favorite or most used computer programs? What is your favorite section of this column? What would you like to see happen in technology in 2004?

I would greatly appreciate it if you could take a moment to jot down the answers, send them to me - via e-mail is preferred - and I will compile them for future columns.

MSN Live online events

Jan. 8: Actress Marlo Thomas of the hit series "That Girl" chats at 7 p.m. Go to Vocalist Michael Buble chats at 8 p.m. Go to

How to turn off or hide the underlines on links in Internet Explorer

1. Launch Internet Explorer Web browser.

2. Select Tools, then Internet Options.

3. In the Internet Options box, click on the Advanced tab.

4. Scroll down the settings list until you find the Underline Links. There are three choices: Always, Hover, and Never. The Always option keeps underlines visible. Select the Never option, to get rid of the underlines. Or if you'd like the links to show up only when you put the cursor over a link, select the Hover option.

5. After you make a selection, click Apply and then OK. To test it, go to a familiar Web page and see how links are displayed.

Net buzzz

* Xdrive, a secured online storage company, now is allowing its users to share videos on their service. Video clips including files encoded as MPEG, Windows Media, RealNetworks, QuickTime and AVI. The service charges $9.95 monthly for 500MB of storage up to $49.95 monthly for 5GB. Xdrive is the same company that in the mid-1990s offered free online storage. Learn more about Xdrive at

* Internet retailers have made a killing for the holiday season. Online sales were up considerably in comparison with the same time last year. Read more at www.internet

* Forestry is taking technology to a new level as Treebot, a combination of networked sensors, a Webcam and a wireless Net link, provides valuable information gathered in hard-to-reach areas about the forest back to researchers. Treebot runs on Linux and was developed by scientists at the U.S. Centre for Embedded Network Sensing in California. Read more at

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