Around Town: Some stories just can't be labeled

January 11, 2004|ANNABEL GIRARD

Since retiring from reporting, one of my jobs is to index newspaper articles that have just been sitting in files here.

One of the files I organized last week was "Odds and Ends," those articles that just didn't fit in any other folder.

What are some of the odd things that we've written about?

There was the plant on Maple Avenue that law enforcement officials suspected was marijuana. A Boyle deputy sheriff and Danville police officer showed up in the owner's front yard one morning. The house had been watched for several days after officers received reports that there was a large, bushy marijuana plant growing there.

The owner explained that she was very proud of the large, bushy plant and that she was eagerly waiting to see the hibiscus plant from her father's home place bloom.


Another police task was not quite so flowery. A police officer had to remove a boa constrictor from a front porch. The property owner returned home to find the snake, owner unknown, lounging in the porch swing.

A tombstone puzzled police for a while. Someone had found a grave marker in a weed covered lot. It was determined the tombstone was just a "sample" left over from a business.

Christy Remembered

Several years ago, Shannon Christy was involved in a Danville event that brought hearing and deaf members of the community together in a production of "Children of a Lesser God."

The West T. Hill Community Theatre received a grant to produce the play which deals with deaf and hearing in a school situation. Christy was the director who gave focus to the play and the actors.

Friends here have learned that she recently died of breast cancer. A testimony to her influence on people is shown by the memorial services planned.

Friends here gathered Saturday night. There also are services planned at Seattle Central Community College where she had taught, in Chicago and in Union Town, Kansas

Pet Peeve

A reader wrote to say she was peeved by people who make crude comments and ask rude questions about adopted children. "How can people be so cruel?"

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