No rationale for guest worker program

January 11, 2004

Dear Editor:

Let me begin by saying I have been a Republican supporter for over 40 years and now find myself at odds with the party leaders.

President Bush and political insiders are again working to give amnesty to the almost 12 million illegal immigrants working in the U.S. today. In his recent proposal, illegal aliens will be able to live here as "guest workers" for up to six years before returning to their home country. This at a time when 12 million citizens cannot find full-time work!

The administration is also urging Congress to increase the number of one million Green Cards issued each year. Concerned Americans must let President Bush know that he is selling out law-abiding citizens to reward people who clearly violate current Immigration Law.


Clearly, amnesty is not the solution to this broken system. There have been eight amnesties since1986, and there are still millions of illegal immigrants to the United States every year. We must start working to have a rational, measured, enforceable immigration policy that respects the needs of every American. President Bush cannot continue to sell American workers down the river for special interests, big business and big lobbies.

America does not need guest worker programs. More than 10-12 million people in the U.S. cannot find full-time work. There is no common-sense rationale for importing more workers and depressing current American wages by using guest workers.

President Bush needs to know that average Americans see through this policy shift that seems to be motivated by political pressure from special interest groups to secure votes in the 2004 election campaign. I urge your readers to contact their elected officials and express their feelings on this matter.

George H. Butterworth

Science Hill

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