Mercer mulls money situation

January 14, 2004|ANN R. HARNEY

HARRODSBURG - Mercer County Judge-Executive John Trisler has met County Clerk Ronnie Compton and Sheriff Ralph Anderson one-on-one about their financial needs in the upcoming fiscal year, but the reality is the same. There is no money available for increases of staff or their wages.

"I Iook forward to better days," Trisler told the Fiscal Court Tuesday morning.

Nevertheless, the only increase in wages will be based on the amount the state sets as a cost of living percentage. It has been set at 3.5 percent as an estimate until the state makes a final decision.

"It's not a reflection on (county workers); it's a reflection of the times we're in," said Trisler.

The cost of insurance and benefits has risen 23 percent, Trisler said.

He and one or two magistrates have met with Anderson and Compton.

He said the clerk's office budget is expected to go up about $100,000 more than last year to $4 million and return $120,000 in excess fees to the county treasury.


The sheriff expects to return $21,000 to the county in the current calendar year.

Trisler said money will be spent to replace some of the high maintenance vehicles used by the sheriff's department.

On another issue, the court removed a section of the minutes from Greater Harrodsburg/Mercer County Planning and Zoning Commission minutes of Dec. 1 before approving them.

Since no compliance officer is going to be hired, commissioners agreed to inspect and report on complaints about violations of laws and practices of the commission.

The problem with that item is the commissioners decided to pay themselves $40 an hour for those inspections.

Commission Attorney David Patrick told the commission at its last meeting that commissioners will not receive money for inspections, Mercer County Attorney Douglas Greenburg told the court.

When the Harrodsburg City Commission met Tuesday night, it also agreed to remove that part from the minutes.

Commissioner Joe Hood said he thought people giving themselves money is a violation of the Kentucky Constitution.

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